World's Greatest! Highlights Alen as Best in Industry

World's Greatest Video Thumbnail World's Greatest! features the most advanced companies, products, places and people in their industry throughout the globe. This award winning show features Alen as a trusted leader in the air purification industry, as well as a fast-paced, growing company with highly advanced air purifiers. The 30-minute show provides a behind the scenes look at the people and ideas behind Alen Corp, as well interviews with Alen CEO, Warburg Lee, and Alen leaders.

"A company that concentrates all their efforts and focus on producing high performing air purifiers that help millions of sufferers 'Live Better', that's Alen Corporation. Their new technology products are truly revolutionary, able to sense the air quality in your home or business and react, as necessary, based on that air quality. We think their story is meaningful and educational to our viewers," said Gordon Freeman, Executive Producer of the show.

World's Greatest! highlights the company's Austin, Texas facilities and the story behind the NEW Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifier, the smartest, quietest, most powerful Alen ever. The show features real customers who suffer from allergies and poor indoor air quality themselves and have found relief with Alen Air Purifiers. Throughout the episode, World's Greatest! shows viewers why Alen Corp is the best in the industry, putting customers' needs first.

World's Greatest! is a thirty minute paid program dedicated to highlighting the world's greatest companies, products, places, and people. Each show is a fast paced tour around the world featuring behind the scenes footage, informative interviews, and exciting visuals.

Do you want to know more about this World’s Greatest! company and the NEW Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifier? Visit the Alen Air Purifier shop page to view our products or call an Alen Air Quality Specialist 800-630-2396 to discuss which air purifier may be best for you.

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