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Winter Allergy Triggers and Tips


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  • Winter can bring unexpected allergiesIt's the most wonderful (Achoo!) time of the year, right? Glistening snow, family and friends, festive activities, red, runny noses. Unless you're a famous reindeer, a red nose and cough are probably the last thing on your wishlist during the winter season. For those suffering with winter allergies, thoughts of a winter wonderland can quickly turn into a "when is it going to end?" sentiment.

    What Causes Winter Allergies?

    When the temperature drops and Jack Frost makes his seasonal rounds, most people find themselves spending a lot more time indoors. Stoking up the fire or turning up the heat, adding extra blankets that have been in storage during the warmer months, and snuggling up to that special furry friend can all contribute to winter allergies' war with your sinuses. As you bring the winter wear out for the season, be mindful of the top winter allergy triggers:






    • Pet Dander Who likes to see Fluffy shivering? As we invite our furry friends inside for the colder months, count on more puppy love and more allergy-aggravating dander.
    • Mold and Mildew Most plants go dormant during winter, shedding dead leaves that are prone to grow mold in damper weather; they are also prone to hitch a ride into your home, so make sure to mop messy floors and entryways.
    • Temperate Climates Pollen loves warmer weather just like the snowbirds, so be mindful when traveling that those allergens won't be too hospitable when you visit.
    • Damp Wood If allergy triggers thrive in damp leaves, just imagine the party they're having in piles of damp wood; store wood outside to keep the peace with your indoor air. 

    Winter Allergies vs. Seasonal Colds

    Have you had a cough for more than a week or two? Does your tissue use make you wonder if you should buy stock in Kleenex? You may have winter allergies and not just the common cold. Many winter allergy symptoms are similar to cold symptoms, including coughing, dark under-eye circles, itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing. Below are a few simple rules of thumb to consider before treating allergies vs. a seasonal cold.


    If you determine you may have winter allergies, you are not alone. An estimated 40 million Americans suffer from allergies throughout the year.

    The Road to Relief

    There are many things you can do to help manage your winter allergies. Indeed, once you determine that it's allergies making your nights longer and your days less enjoyable, you are likely more than ready to take action to ensure relief. Your doctor or allergist can determine if you would benefit from medicine according to your specific allergies. There are a few simple things to keep in mind as you take on winter allergies:


    Manage Your Environment

    In your battle against allergies, there are a host of tools you can use to take down triggers and relieve your allergy symptoms by allergy-proofing your home. Managing your environment can be time consuming. Constantly cleaning and disinfecting your home is a lot of work. One of the simplest ways we know to help manage the allergy triggers in your home, in addition to ambitious cleaning rituals, is to employ an air purifier to help manage those pesky particles that are too small to whisk away with a broom or swish down a drain with a sponge.

    Alen Air Purifiers as Part of Your Winter Allergy Arsenal

    You're probably feeling better already now that you're armed with knowledge to help manage your winter allergy triggers. Alen is committed to providing tools to help our customers enjoy the purest air possible; adding an Alen Air Purifier to your artillery will greatly improve your odds of beating winter allergies. Alen products come with a 60 Day Guarantee and a Lifetime Limited Warranty, making your purchase risk-free while guaranteeing you'll breathe more freely, and who knows, maybe even join Andy Williams in song, as winter truly can be the most wonderful time of the year when your allergies aren't acting up. Visit our allergy air purifiers page to select the system that aligns best with your concerns.


    Check out our top air purifiers for allergies and dust and see if one fits your needs. Have questions? Call an Alen Air Quality Specialist (800-630-2396) to help you find a solution perfect for your unique needs.


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