What's Trending in Appliances & Housewares in 2017?

Kitchen with trendy modern appliances

Here at Alen, we're excited for the new year in housewares and appliances as companies have a stronger opportunity than ever to connect with the ideals and preferences of their customers and as more and more appliances apply connectivity and smart. Here are some of the top trends we've found in appliances and housewares for 2017.

Different color assortment

Colors, colors, and more colors

More and more appliance manufacturers are taking note of how bold colors are making their way into homes. From pots and pans to colorful, customizable appliances, there are more and more ways to add that "pop of color" to any room of the house. 

For the design savvy, the Pantone colors of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity, are the hot ticket. Kitchenaid has even released it's iconic stand mixers in the two colors, and we've taken our own bold cut at adding blue and pink to the mix. 

No matter what your color preference, you have more options then ever when picking your appliances.

Assortment of metal household appliances

Many metallics to choose from

Rose gold, brass and bronze finishes are showing up in all sorts of housewares ranging from cutting boards to trash cans. Meanwhile, appliance giants like LG and Samsung are showcasing alternate stainless finishes, including black stainless, showing that metallic finishes are more versatile than ever. 

This trend is not limited to housewares, of course, but consumer electronics and interior decor elements including tile and fixtures are all now featuring metals. Gold tones, coppers and bronzes are all among the warm metals that are popping up while pewter, steel and sterling silver round out the cooler metallics. We've also added some metallics to our mix, from classic brushed stainless, to the chic champagne gold.

Smart appliance user interface

Smart in more ways than one

"Smart" appliances seem to be evolving at the speed of imagination. In fact, the question is no longer whether the future will be connected and intelligent, but more to how that will actually impact our lives. The next generation of smart appliances are coming with the ability to learn our preferences and be context aware. For the most part, this intelligence is quiet and in the background. The Nest thermostat and its many copycats that are one example of appliances that are designed to save us time and money while performing a fairly basic household task and without a lot of maintenance or fuss needed. 

Many of the new wave of smart appliances are using the approach of connectivity with a smart device for not only direct user input and to give the user feedback, but also as a practical way to let a device know where you are, adjusting its behavior (lights, temperature, security settings, etc.), accordingly. The idea, once again, is that you will need to do less and less active management of your appliances; they will simply work according to your preferences. 

We've applied this approach to the BreatheSmart family of air purifiers, with a visual feedback system that quickly lets you know what kind of air quality you're dealing with, as well as constant monitoring system that is tuned to whatever environment you put it in. Turn it on, turn it to Auto, and let it go to work. 

Earth Friendly

Earth Friendly

Last, but not least, it's no surprise that eco-friendly housewares and appliances are still strongly trending. Whether it's garnering EnergyStar certification or the use of recycled or upcycled materials, many manufacturers are flocking towards goods that are better for the planet. 

Bamboo is a poster child for Earth friendly materials, since it is so quickly grown, and can be used in a variety of applications from flooring & countertops to fabrics and cutting boards & cooking gear.

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