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The Symptoms of Mold Allergies

Mold is a vital part of nature because it helps to break down things like fallen leaves and trees. However, inside your home it can give you and your family painful—potentially dangerous—symptoms of mold allergies.

Can these symptoms of mold allergies be a problem in my home?

Mold growth happens when moisture levels are high in your home. This occurs when condensation is present on your walls or windows, or after a flood or plumbing leak has occurred. Moisture levels are raised when you use common household appliances, like your dryer, or your shower. If moisture levels remain high, mold spores will land on these damp surfaces and begin to grow. Once this occurs, you and your family may begin to experience symptoms of mold allergies.

As mold grows, it releases allergens, irritants and sometimes toxic substances. Inhaling or touching mold may cause symptoms of mold allergies typically associated with hay fever, including: sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and skin rash. Your eyes, skin, nose, throat and lungs may also experience irritation from mold, even in people without mold allergies. Symptoms of mold allergies can be immediate or delayed and can also trigger asthma attacks in asthmatics with mold allergies.

Extensive exposure to molds can produce health risks worse than typical symptoms of mold allergies, as well as damage to your home. Individuals with compromised immune systems may have a more dangerous response to molds, beyond typical symptoms of mold allergies—such as serious lung infections.

Alen can help relieve your symptoms of mold allergies.

Moisture control is the key to keeping mold from growing inside your home. To prevent symptoms of mold allergies, Alen recommends these air purifiers for mold. The power of our HEPA style filtration air purifiers have the potential to remove high levels of mold spores and moisture from your indoor air, giving you relief from symptoms of mold allergies.

You can also call an Alen Air Quality Specialist 1-800-630-2396 to help you find the solution to your symptoms of mold allergies and discover allergy relief.

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