The Dangers of Wildfire Season

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The Dangers of Wildfire Season


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  • wildifres can put smoke particles into the air that travel hundreds of milesSmoke is composed of fine particles and ash, which can be dangerous when inhaled by those with or without respiratory conditions. During wildfire season, many are concerned about the health risks of air heavy-laden with fine particulate smoke and ash. Even if you are a long way from a wildfire area, winds can carry the smoke residue for miles. This can make it difficult to escape the dangers our smoke and smog from wildfires. Adding an air purifier to your home may help keep your indoor air quality under control.

    According to the Center for Disease Control, exposure to particulate smoke and smog can cause throat and eye irritation, as well as worsen existing chronic heart and lung diseases. Children and the elderly are typically the most affected by particulate smoke exposure, as their respiratory systems may not be as well-developed or strong as others. In addition, those with respiratory conditions, like lung disease or COPD, are at higher risk of having health issues from particulate smoke and smog inhalation.

    Wildfire smoke can cause health concerns


    In order to protect these individuals, a daily cleaning routine of vacuuming and wiping surfaces to remove smoke and ash will help. However, once smoke enters a home, it is difficult to remove and can linger for months. Using your air purifier will help clear the air in your home. If the problem becomes acute, you may need to add an air purifier to the high traffic areas of your home. Adding an air purifier to the areas where your family spends most of their time will help protect them from the hazardous particulate smoke and ash.

    Alen Air Purifiers for Smoke use a HEPA-OdorCell filter, combined with HEPA style filtration, to capture allergens and tobacco smoke. Every Alen Air Purifier contains a filter infused with activated carbon, which helps capture and remove the smoke particulate. The activated carbon will also help capture the chemicals contained in smoke and ash, as the air is filtered through the air purifier.

    Are you concerned about wildfires in your area? Do you want to learn more about the best Alen Air Purifiers for smoke? Visit our Air Purifier for Smoke Concern page, or call an Alen Air Purifier specialist for more information (800-630-2396).