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The Alen BreatheSmart and Paralda Air Purifiers Receive High Marks

Top 10 logo, an independent website dedicated to providing the best reviews of home appliances, electronics, software and other products, recently released new air purifier reviews. After submitting the BreatheSmart and Paralda Air Purifiers for review, Alen is pleased to announce both air purifiers received high marks.

Following several interviews with our product team, TopTenReviews rated the BreatheSmart as their number one air purifier, making it one of only two air purifiers to receive “Excellent” ratings.

Noting the BreatheSmart’s advanced technologies, TopTenReviews has this to say about the unit, “The Alen BreatheSmart integrates itself perfectly into any room with its fantastic air sensor and easy operation features.” Read more of what TopTenReviews has to say about the BreatheSmart and why they say it is “one of the best air purifiers on the market.” While the Paralda was #18 overall, it is rated the #2 tower air purifier for “its beautiful design and sleek touch controls.” Visit to read more of the Paralda’s review.

As a brand, TopTenReviews complemented Alen for our 60-Day and Allergy Relief Guarantees, and mentioned Alen as the only brand to provide continued support with a Forever Guarantee. In addition, both air purifiers were noted for their safety features, as both the Paralda and BreatheSmart are ozone-free and meet HEPA standards.

Our mission is to help our customers Live Better by providing high quality products that improve indoor air quality and provide relief from symptoms associated with allergies and other respiratory conditions. These high rankings from only help us to continue that mission.

Are you curious if the BreatheSmart or Paralda Air Purifiers are right for you home? Compare our products, shop by concern or call an Alen Air Quality Specialist (800-630-2396) to learn more.

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