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T500 Customer Success Story - General Patton

General Patton

Meet the General.

"General Patton, a registered Siamese Thai, was born in 2011 and came to live with his loving 'parents.' After a few months, General Patton was entered in competition at The International Cat Association, Inc. He began to receive honors at the cat shows and by 2013 he became a 'Triple Grand Champion.' In 2014 General Patton received an 'Award of Excellence for the Best Thai Alter of the Year' for the South Central Region of The International Cat Association, Inc.

Lucy, also born in 2011, was a rescue kitten from an animal shelter that would have euthanized her if not adopted. She was a cute gray and white kitten who instantly loved being General Patton’s sister. After a few cat shows with General Patton, it was decided that Lucy would go also to keep him company. She was entered in the Household Pet Division of TICA. To everyone’s surprise, Lucy received more awards than General Patton at her first cat show!

I was interested in buying an air purifier for our home since we have two cats. After much research and talking to Stephen Bassett at the Alen Corporation, I was convinced that the Alen T500 Air Purifier was exactly what I needed. I was so excited and convinced, that I bought three units. After receiving them, I placed one in our big family room, one in the bedroom, and one in the laundry room where the cats’ litter box is. The first noticeable change was the laundry room. The Alen T500 eliminated all unpleasant odors. The other rooms also have a much fresher smell. The units have three speeds. In the bedroom I keep it on the low speed. The medium speed is set for the family room and the high speed is used for the laundry room with the cats’ litter box. These portable units are so easy to maintain and the ozone safe ionizer is a great feature. I only wish that I had bought these great Alen T500 Air Purifiers years ago!"

- Bob Hargrave, fur father of General Patton and Lucy



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