January 2013, Salt Lake City had the Worst Air Quality in the Country

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In January 2013, EPA says Salt Lake City had the Worst Air Quality in the Country

Salt Lake City had horrible air qualityThirty-five micrograms of pollution per cubic meter is generally the EPA cutoff for clean air. This January, Salt Lake City hit 130 micrograms, giving the city the worst air quality in the country—typically a title held by larger cities, like Los Angeles.

A unique weather event, called temperature inversion, is to blame for the poor air quality. Salt Lake City is located in a valley, and surrounded by mountainous terrain. Temperature inversion occurs when the valley becomes cooler than the sunny mountains surrounding it. The warmer air acts like a lid, encasing the cooler air and pollution.

When a pollution levels are high, many become concerned about their health. Doctors recommend people, especially pregnant women, the elderly and children, should stay indoors when air quality is poor to avoid respiratory problems.

Since January, air quality in Salt Lake City has improved. The local state government is now working to create measures to prevent such high levels of pollution in the capital city, including public transit initiatives and encouraging residents to carpool or eliminate trips in the car when possible.

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