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This month, 5% of proceeds from pet-related purifiers+filters support the Austin Humane Society.

  • Refresh big spaces like open-concept living rooms up to 1,300 Sq Ft
  • 2x quieter than competitors & ultra-efficient
  • Compact size, heavy-duty purification up to 900 Sq Ft
  • Extra-thick filters easily erase your toughest odors
  • A slim, stylish profile with coverage up to 700 Sq Ft
  • Top-rated air cleaning performance at our best value


5% of purchases benefit Austin Humane Society, whose rescue work helps over 13,000 pets per year.


Remove 99.97% of airborne dander and allergens as well as dust, pollen and pollutants.


Destroy odors from accidents & litter boxes at the molecular level with patented non-toxic technology.

  1. Prefilter - Large particles like dust and hair are trapped by our resilient prefilters, which can be easily vacuumed or replaced to extend the life of your filter.
  2. True HEPA - Air travels through Alen’s advanced True HEPA material which removes 99.97% of harmful particles including allergens, pollutants, and pollen.
  3. OdorCell - Clean air passes through hundreds of cells filled with our patented non-toxic OdorCell formula, instantly destroying odors at the molecular level to leave air smelling fresh.

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