Protect your Pet from Allergies

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Protect your Pet from Allergies

Pets are Family. Protect them from Allergies. 

Mom and Baby with Family Cat

Ever catch your pet scratching, with red eyes or a runny nose? Your four-legged friend can also suffer from allergies like the rest of us Here’s how an air purifier can help protect your beloved pets from allergens.

How do you know if your pet has allergies

Dogs, cats and horses are pets that can have allergies. The most common symptoms of allergies is itching. Animals can shed hair from an area they scratch often, leading to bald patches and rashes.

Common pet allergy symptoms


Pet Allergy Symptoms Infographic

(list courtesy of ACAAI)

What causes my pet's allergies?

Cats and dogs, though rarely, can be allergic to pet dander. Dust, pollen and mold can also trigger pet allergies, as can certain foods. 

Oddly, horses can suffer from hay fever. Mold growth in hay causes horses to experience problems similar to asthma as their respiratory system becomes irritated from the allergies.

How can I protect my pet from allergens in the home?

Give your pet a bath at least once a week to wash away any allergens stuck in their fur (This works for humans, too! If you're experiencing allergy symptoms, make sure you're washing your hair regularly). A routine trip to the vet is highly suggested. Vacuuming rugs, carpets and dusting can also eliminate the possibility of allergies bothering your pet.

An air purifier can also help

An air purifier benefits any pets living indoors by removing the majority of common allergens like dust, animal dander and pollen. Check out our Fur Family Smart Bundles, which are designed around you and your pets, including targeting pet odors in your home. 

We love pets! Checkout the our Fur Family Smart Bundles for allergy and odor relief, helping you live your best with your pets.

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