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Pollen Allergies


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  • An allergy is caused by a heightened sensitivity to a relatively harmless substance. If you are allergic to pollen, your body recognizes the egg-shaped granules as an invader. When it enters your body, your immune system to goes into attack mode, trying to defend your body from infection. This is what causes an allergic reaction and creates your allergy symptoms.

    Pollen stems from one place - plants - but maybe not the ones you think.

    Plants rely on two things to spread pollen air and insects. Flowery plants typically associated with pollen allergies, like roses, depend on insects to spread pollen and do not generally cause allergic reactions. Their pollen is typically contained because insects carryout their pollination. Plants like trees, weeds and grass are the main culprit of pollen allergies. They spread pollen through the air creating many opportunities for the allergen to land in our eyes, throat, nose or skin and cause an allergic reaction.

    Pollen spread by the wind are typically found in the spring, summer and fall. Symptoms of a pollen allergy typically include the following: sneezing, watery eyes, nasal congestion, runny nose or itchy throat. Pollen allergies can also trigger, or even worsen, asthma and lead to other problems such as a sinus infection or an ear infection in children.

    Airborne pollen can be difficult to avoid, with samples of ragweed pollen having been collected 400 miles out at sea and two miles high in the air.

    With airborne pollen being so widespread, you might considering treating the source of your allergies, rather than just the symptoms. Alen recommends our best home air purifiers to remove pollen from inside your home and effectively treat the source of your allergies. We carry some of the best air purifiers for pollen allergies, as all of our filters feature HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter technology. Our HEPA style filtration creates the best home air purifiers for removing pollen from your home. They remove particles 300 times smaller than the width of a human hair, creating the best air purifiers for pollen allergies.

    Are you interested in finding the best air purifiers for pollen allergies and allergy relief? With the industry's first and only Allergy Relief Guarantee, we promise to give you and your family relief from indoor allergies. Learn more about our Allergy Relief Guarantee and start experience relief now.

    You can also call an Alen Product Specialist 855-271-2222 to learn more about which air purifier may provide you the greatest pollen allergies relief.


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