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Managing Your Allergies with an Alen Air Purifier

manage your allergies better with an alen air purifier
There are various complementary practices you can do around the house to lessen allergens and enhance the health benefits of your Alen Air Purifier. Here are some other helpful tips to help relieve suffering from allergies along with your Alen Air Purifier:

When pollen counts are high, always keep your Alen Air Purifier running and your windows shut.

Take frequent showers during allergy season and change your clothes when you arrive home. Pollen and other allergens may be in your hair and on your clothes.

Remember that your pets can carry outdoor pollens on their coats and paws as they come in and out of the house.

Keep your pets clean by bathing them regularly to reduce cat and dog allergies. You can also quickly wipe their paws and coat down when they come back in the house if pollen counts are high to reduce cat and dog allergies.

Vacuum frequently, and keep your Alen Air Purifier on while you vacuum. You would be amazed at the amount of dust left behind in the air after vacuuming. An Alen Air Purifier will filter those particles and remove the lingering pollutants that would otherwise be left behind.

Change your bedding frequently, and always wash sheets and pillowcases in hot water. Most people with allergies are allergic to dust mites, and your bed is a breeding ground for these allergy-inducing pests.

Use specialty allergen-resistant slipcovers over your mattresses and pillows. They are easy to find and will keep away the dust mites.

Stuffed animals need to be washed frequently, and always wash in hot water to kill dust mites and germs.

Make sure you keep up with regular dusting around your house. If possible, try to limit extra furniture and décor items in your home that collect dust.

Replace draperies and curtains with wooden or metal blinds. Using these tips, along with an Alen Air Purifier, will help relieve your allergy suffering and leave you feeling better and breathing easier.

Are you interested in purchasing an Alen Air Purifier to help with your allergy symptoms? Visit the Alen Air Purifier shop page or call an Alen Air Quality Specialist 800-630-2396 to help remove allergens and pollutants from your air.

Are you interested in learning more about Alen Air Purifiers and allergy relief? With the industry’s first—and only—Allergy Relief Guarantee, we promise to give you and your family relief from indoor allergies. Learn more about our Allergy Relief Guarantee and start experience relief now.

You can also call an Alen Product Specialist 800-630-2396 to learn more about which air purifier may provide you the greatest relief.

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