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Long-term Cat Odor Relief

Living Your Best with Your Cat

Cats are great for lots of reasons, not the least of which is keeping everyone's social media accounts adorable. In certain areas, they're pretty self-sufficient—the litterbox is a great time saver. But that can make our furry friends a chore in another way: odor control. We've got several hints to help you banish the odors and love your kitties even more.

Hint #1: Removing beats Masking

Most solutions for pet or litter box odor are aimed at masking the odor, not taking it out of the air.  We've developed a new solution that leaves the alternatives in the dust:  The Alen Fur Family Smart Bundle, which bundles our best-in-class air purifiers with filters that specifically target the odors from cats and their litter boxes. 

The Fur Family's Filters Reduce:

  • Litterbox smells including urine & feces odor
  • Odor from accidents outside of the box including urine
  • Dust & dander

This is the first air purifier solution designed specifically to target and remove these odors and provide long term, consistent odor elimination.

Why the Fur Family Stands Out

Bathroom odors are unpleasant, but the filters included with the Alen Fur Family Smart Bundle are unparalleled in their ability to remove the specific chemicals contained in these odors. Other air purifier solutions fall short because they either have no odor removal additives in their filters or they use simple activated carbon to remove odors. Unfortunately, activated carbon is surprisingly ineffective on the specific combination of chemicals that are found in pet/bathroom odors.

Hint #2: Prevent Desensitization

Your home can harbor odors without you even noticing it. When we live in a home with a persistent odor, or one that gradually accumulates over time, we can become accustomed to it. It becomes harder to smell, to the point where you might no longer notice them at all. 

This is why a persistent odor solution, like positioning the air purifier from your Fur Family Smart Bundle near the litter box, makes so much sense. This is a preventative measure you can take to avoid being desensitized to odors that your guests might not appreciate. 

Other Odor Control Hints

Identify accidents

Sometimes mistakes happen. We don’t blame Fluffles, but occasionally she has a mistake. Either missing the litter box, or ending up going somewhere entirely different. When you can smell that your cat has missed the box, but you don’t know quite where it occurred. One thing you can do is use a high powered black-light flash light.  It will make the urine glow. And you can identify where it is whether on carpet, wood, or around the litter box.

Remove pet spots

Once you’ve identified where your kitty has missed the mark, you can use a number of over the counter pet cleaning products to spot clean. This is important as cats will tend to go back to their previous "spots" and repeat the process unless they are thoroughly cleaned.

We love Cats! Checkout the BreatheSmart FIT50, thoughtfully researched and designed around you and your pets.


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