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Kitchen Trends for Today...and Tomorrow

Enduring Kitchen Trends

The trick with trends is that they're here today and gone tomorrow. We've rounded up a few trends in kitchens that we think have a bit of staying power. Read on to learn more.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are not just eye-catching; they're also incredibly practical. All of the class and strength of granite, but with much less maintenance. Add in that they are inherently low key in appearance, and you have a neutral option that will last the test of time.

Stainless Appeal

The death of stainless has been incredibly over-exaggerated. While more and more appliance makers are providing people with options that span the rainbow, the classic polished or brushed silver is not going anywhere. A classic, neutral option, it fits an incredible range of looks, so you can build a kitchen around it. Off note, you can get a BreatheSmart in Brushed Stainless (we recommend pairing it with our HEPA-FreshPlus filter in the kitchen) to blend right in.

White...with a splash of color

Instead of theming a kitchen around a color that might go out of style, many today are turning to the timeless power of white. Boring? Nope. The lure of being able to accessorize with pops of color (which can be changed seasonally or as the years roll by) is hard to ignore for those that see white as a canvas to be painted on.

Wood, but not wood

Hardwood flooring is about as timeless as you can get. In the kitchen, you have some new options that will endure even better even in a high traffic, high spill and high stain environment. Consider some of the new laminates or porcelain planking that look like wood, but are far more heavy-duty and easy to maintain.

Like wood finishes? Check out our line of wood finish panels for the BreatheSmart and BreatheSmart FIT50.

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