Ionic Air Purifiers and Ozone

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Ionic Air Purifiers and Ozone


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  • Ionizers can boost the performance of your air purifierOne of the exciting ways Alen is helping people Live Better is with Ozone Safe Ionizers in their Air Purifiers. An Ionizer is an electrical device which emits positive and negative charges into the air, causing particles to stick together and become larger. This process allows for Alen HEPA Air Purifiers to catch a larger number of airborne particles more easily.

    Air Purifiers with Ionizers should not be confused with Ozone Generators, which use high concentrations of ozone to remove odors out of the air.

    What is the difference between Air Purifiers with an Ionizer and Ozone Generators?

    Ionizers work by giving a small electrical charge to particles that float by in the air. Think of the way dust attracts to a television screen. An ionizer by itself is not very effective at removing airborne particles. However, when used within an air purifier that has a HEPA Filter, an ionizer can improve particle removal efficiency as well as help reduce odors. Alen Air Purifiers all include an optional Ozone Safe Ionizer that can be turned on or off as desired.

    15-20 years ago, the most popular ionic air purifiers were discovered to be producing large amounts of ozone. (The Ionic Breeze for anyone that remembers). Ever since then, people have associated the term "ionizer" with ozone. However, technology has improved significantly in the last 15 years, and ionizers no longer produce ozone.

    The Real Danger: Ozone Generators
    Many people often confuse Ozone Generators with air purifiers. An Ozone Generator is a box that has little or no filtration, and simply produces a large amount of ozone. When you turn it on, you will immediately notice a fresh smelling scent coming from the unit. This is the smell of ozone. Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen that is great for removing odors, but is extremely irritating to the skin. Breathing ozone may cause long term damage to lung, throat and nasal tissue.

    All Alen HEPA Air Purifiers are ozone-safe, certified by the California Air Resources board to produce ozone emission concentrations less than 0.050 parts per million.

    Do you have questions or concerns that we can help with? Would you like help understanding the various technologies we discussed here? Talk to one of our Alen Air Quality Specialists at 800-630-2396 to learn more