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Introducing the New T500 Tower Air Purifier: A Smart Value from Alen

The Alen T500 Tower Air Purifier offers the best value on the market, providing both powerful and quiet operation. Backed by the Alen Brand Promise, the T500 offers great particle removal and a pleasing sound, all in a more compact size—ideal for areas where space may be a concern.

Alen Improves Design on Tower Air Purifier Models

Alen, a leader in the air purification industry, recently added a new air purifier to its product family—the compact and powerful T500 Tower Air Purifier. With advanced features like a Smart Filter Life Timer and three quiet fan speeds, the T500 is just one example of how Alen fulfills its Brand Promise of helping people Live Better. In addition to this, Alen continues to innovate and provide products which resolve every concern from space issues, noisy operation to powerful particle removal.

  "Consumers told us they needed an effective air purifier for smaller spaces in their home...
well, they spoke and we listened.

"Consumers told us they needed an effective air purifier for smaller spaces in their home...well, they spoke and we listened. The new T500 Tower Air Purifier is powerful, quiet and significantly smaller than other premium air purifiers on the market," says Mark Vander Berg, Alen's Consumer Air Quality Advocate. "It's 20% smaller than other similar units, which makes it ideal for rooms where clean air is desired, but space is limited. It is incredibly versatile, easily fits under desks, corners or even on some desktops. With its sleek modern lines, it is a perfect combination of size and power."

5-Star Reviews for T500

Early users are already appreciating the advanced features of the T500 Tower Air Purifier noting, "The future of air purification is here!" and, "The T500 is the best air purifier Alen has made yet!" Also calling it "The little air purifier that could," many are enjoying its space saving design and the versatility it offers. Overall, Alen believes the T500 is not only providing effective solutions for air quality issues, but also elevating design and ease of use in the air purifier industry.

Visit the T500 Tower Air Purifier product page or watch to learn why Alen is calling the T500 a smart value.

 About Alen Corp

Alen teamFor more than 8 years, Alen® Corporation has empowered and inspired people worldwide to Live Better. Alen produces a line of high quality air purifiers, designed to help allergy sufferers and others adversely affected by poor indoor air quality. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Alen has taken its mission to help people Live Better into the global marketplace, enabling customers across the world to live happier, healthier lives by improving the air they breathe.

Always putting customers first, Alen continues to develop products that address the growing list of health concerns related to poor indoor air quality. In addition to allergies, this includes asthma, chemical sensitivities, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung disease, heart disease and other respiratory illnesses.

Alen is shaping the future of the indoor air purification industry by developing high quality products and becoming the first and only company to offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty—providing customers pure air for life.


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