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Improve your Environment with Alen Air Purifiers

Your home should be a comforting environment that provides you a place for rest and recovery. However, more than 50 percent of homes are polluted with at least six different types of allergens. These airborne particles pose health threats to even the healthiest individuals, and extreme danger to those with compromised immune systems, young children or the elderly. The number one solution recommended by air quality specialist is to invest in a filtration system for your home. Alen has a line of the best home air purifiers that will help reduce air pollution and allergens in your indoor air.

Alen's best home air purifiers can effectively protect your home by quickly removing allergens and airborne pollutants that threaten your health while indoors. Alen's best home air purifiers all feature HEPA style air filters, proven to be the most effective method of air filtration available. When you run them continuously (24/7) in the high-traffic areas of your home (bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc.), Alen's best home air purifiers can remove up to 99 percent of airborne allergens and pollutants.

Your indoor air can be improved significantly with an air filtration system, like one of the best home air purifiers from Alen home and complementary practices, such as:

1. Using natural cleaning agents to limit exposure to VOCs, which can pose significant health risks

2. Remove your shoes before entering your home to prevent dust and dirt—which is full of outdoor allergens and pollutants—from entering your home

3. Wait to make your bed until the afternoon, allowing sheets to dry out to prevent the worsening of dust mites.

4. While cleaning or dusting, run one of Alen's best home air purifiers on high to help control dust and particles stirred into your air while cleaning.

Alen Corp is dedicated to making the best home air purifiers available. By using one of Alen's best home air purifiers, you can restore and maintain the air quality, ensuring your home truly is a safe haven and personal refuge.

Does this information apply to you? Are you interested in finding the best home air purifiers for your home? Visit the Alen Air Purifier page or call and Alen Air Quality Specialist at 800-630-2396 to find the best home air purifiers for your home.

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