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Health Concerns

Indoor Air Quality and Your Health

Prolonged exposure to poor indoor air may lead to a variety of health concerns, including allergies and asthma, as well as the development of heart disease, lung disease and potentially cancer. Read further to see how improving your indoor air can relieve existing health problems and help prevent the advent of more serious conditions.

Health Concern Overview:

The Dangers of Allergies
If left untreated, allergy symptoms may weaken your immune system, potentially leading to chronic allergy symptoms or asthma. By placing Alen Air Purifiers in your environment, you can give yourself a place to recover from allergy symptoms and take control of your symptoms.
Indoor Air Quality and Lung Disease

Breathing polluted air can impact those with weakened immune systems, including those with lung diseases. Alen Air Purifiers are designed to remove irritants from your indoor air, include VOCs or tobacco smoke. Placing air purifiers in your home or office may improve the health of those with lung diseases like COPD or chronic allergies by removing potentially hazardous pollutants from the air.

Indoor Air Quality and COPD  

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) affects those with respiratory conditions like emphysema or chronic bronchitis. Breathing pollutants like tobacco smoke or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can aggravate COPD sufferers symptoms, making it difficult to breathe. Controlling indoor air quality with Alen Air Purifiers helps control their symptoms. Read more to learn about this disease and how air purifiers can help.

Heart Health

Particulate matter found in polluted air is considered to be a contributor to arterial plaque, much like secondhand smoke. Alen Air Purifiers are designed to remove these particles from you air, enhancing your indoor air. Learn more about how Alen Air Purifiers are beneficial to the health of your lungs, as well as your heart.

Printer Health Effects

The American Chemical Society reports airborne particles emitted from a variety of printers can be inhaled deeply into the lungs, posing potential health threats. An effective way to control the hazards particles found from printers is source removal. Leading indoor air quality experts recommend utilizing air purifiers where printers are found to prevent dangerous health effects.

Women's Heart Health

Women have smaller blood vessels than men, and breathing polluted indoor air may cause inflammation that can lead to heart disease or even stroke. Alen Air Purifiers can remove these pollutants from indoor air, potentially lowering the chance of inflammation and heart disease.

Compromised Immune Systems 

Airborne particles, like dust and mold, can pose health threats or aggravate symptoms in those with compromised immune systems, and they require more protection from dangerous particles. Alen Air Purifiers can provide this protection, removing dangerous pollutants and particles from your indoor air. Learn how Alen Air Purifiers can enhance the health of those with compromised immune systems.

Make Your Home a Refuge with Alen Air Purifiers 

Most are unaware their homes may be full of at least six different types of allergens and pollutants, potentially making you sick. Read more to learn how adding air purifiers to your home can improve your health and enhance your home's environment.

Specific Air Quality Concerns:

Air Purifiers for Allergies  
Alen Air Purifiers remove the root of the problem of allergy symptoms by attacking them at the source. Utilizing HEPA style filtration, Alen Air Purifiers remove allergens from the air you breathe giving you effective relief. Read more to learn how Alen Air Purifiers are a great solution for allergy relief.
Managing Allergies and Your Money 
Keeping your allergies under control can cost a lot of money. Alen Air Purifiers reduce the cost by removing the source of your allergy symptoms and alleviating your symptoms. Read more to see how you can lower the cost of your allergies, as well as relieve your allergy symptoms with Alen Air Purifiers.
Air Purifiers for Asthma
Asthma attacks can be triggered by a range of things, including irritants and pollutants found in your indoor air. Over 80 percent of asthma sufferers also have allergy symptoms, so it is important to fill your home with pure, healthy air to breathe. Alen Air Purifiers are a great solution for your asthma, giving you more control and relief from potential attacks.

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