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Give Your Home an Allergy Makeover

Few connect the air they breathe with their allergy symptoms. They are unaware allergens like dust, dander, pollen or mold spores linger in their indoor air, triggering miserable allergy symptoms. However, adding an air purifier to your environment will capture and remove these allergens from your indoor air, giving you relief. An Alen Air Purifier will remove up to 99% of airborne allergy triggers, greatly improving the air you breathe and giving you more control of your allergies.

Read more to see how an air purifier, along with other complementary practices, will improve your environment and give you pure, healthy air to breathe.

Vacuum Cleaner and carpet

1 Living Room

  • Routinely dust and vacuum carpets, rugs, curtains and upholstered furniture to minimize dust.
  • Adding an air purifier to the living room can significantly reduce the dust, mold, dander or pollen that is stirred up in this high-traffic room.

Recommended air purifier for the living room: The large coverage area  BreatheSmart Air Purifier.

Laundry Room

2 Laundry Room

    • Wipe down your washer, dryer and other appliances regularly with a damp cloth to prevent the dust.
  • Odors from laundry products may trigger allergies. Adding air purifier can control these odors, keeping allergies at bay.

Recommended air purifier: T500 Nurture Bundle with odor eliminating technology.


3 Bedroom

  • Avoid using foam-rubber based pillows, mattress pads or blankets in your bed, as they may attract mold growth.
  • Placing an Alen Air Purifier in your bedroom gives you deeper sleep and allergy relief.
  • Control dust by washing accent pillows, canopies, bed skirts and stuffed animals in hot water and dusting cushioned headboards and bed frames weekly.

Recommended air purifier for the bedroom: The BreatheSmart FIT50 with ultra quite fan that produces pink noise to help you sleep.


4 Entryway

  • Remove shoes when entering the home to prevent irritants from tracking inside the home.

Recommended air purifier: The T500 Air Purifier


5 Kitchen

  • Keep your kitchen as clean as possible and only eat in one area of the home to minimize cockroaches, whose droppings trigger allergies.
  • Cover all boiling liquids to prevent excess moisture and mold growth.
  • Run an Alen Air Purifier to capture mold spores, which helps control allergies.

Recommended Air Purifier for the Kitchen: Any Alen Air Purifier with a HEPA-Fresh filter to remove cooking odors.


6 Bathroom

  • An Alen Air Purifier removes mold spores, helping to control mold growth in damp rooms like the bathroom.
  • Remove wallpaper if possible, as mold can grow on the walls behind it.
  • Wash bath towels regularly in hot water to prevent mold from growing on the fabric.

Recommended Air Purifier: The compact Alen T500 with Odorcell filter to remove unpleasant bathroom odors.


7 Closet

  • Mold grows in damp, dark places like a closet. Add an air purifier to remove mold spores from the air, preventing allergy symptoms.
  • Air out your dry cleaned clothes before placing in your closet to prevent laundry chemicals from triggering allergies.
  • Avoid storing dust-collectors, like boxes or bags, in the closet.

Recommended air purifier:The compact T500 with HEPA-Silver filter.


8 Basement

  • Dampness in a basement can seep into the rest the home. To control moisture levels, install an Alen Dehumidifier and Air Purifier.
  • Keep your basement free of dust-collecting boxes or bags. Place an Alen Air Purifier in your basement to control dust.

Recommended air purifier solution: BreatheSmart Flex or BreatheSmart FIT50 air purifiers with HEPA-Silver filters to capture and kill airborne mold spores.

Consider buying an Alen Allergy Air Purifier for allergy relief. With the industry's first—and only—Allergy Relief Guarantee, we guarantee select Allergy Air Purifiers will reduce your suffering associated with allergies or your money back. Learn More about Alen Air Purifiers for Allergies.

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