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Get Ready for the Babies

Summer = Baby Boom

Baby playing on pink cover

Did you know that July, August and September bring the most births? Be ready with the perfect gift for your friends or family, an investment that will help them live their best.

BreatheSmart FIT50 with Rose Petal Designer Panel

Why an Air Purifier?

Pure air for the newest arrivals makes a lot of sense, but you may not realize just how much an air purifier might be removing. Allergens and dust are obvious targets, but less obvious (and more harmful) are the molds and bacteria that are also removed.

For the nursery, we recommend the Alen BreatheSmart FIT50. Its smaller form factor, and carefully engineered low-noise profile make it ideal for smaller spaces, as well as a perfect guardian for the room baby spends the most time in.

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Pile of diapers

No one really likes diaper smell

If you could eliminate diaper odor, wouldn't you? 

We would. That's one of the reasons we developed our OdorCell filters. Not only do they have a thick layer of HEPA material, but they also target diaper odor as well. Paired with the BreatheSmart FIT50, that's a gift that anyone with a newborn will appreciate.

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Iris made of multiple BreatheSmart designer panels

Just Their Style 

If you know an expectant mom with the nesting instinct in full force, be sure to find out what color they are using in their nursery. Not only does the BreatheSmart FIT50 come in the standard blue and pink, it also can fit the most customized environment with 14 designer panel choices, so it can definitely complement baby's room...or mommy's room.


The Little Helper

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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams: BreatheSmart FIT50


The Growing Home

The Growing Home: BreatheSmart


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