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Get a Better Night's Sleep

Sleep Better with an Alen Air Purifier

If you take a minute to read through a few comments from people who own Alen Air Purifiers, you'll notice that a lot of them comment on how it helps their sleep. Surprised? Let's look at how Alen air purifiers are designed so better sleep is a natural benefit.

Attack Asthma at its Roots

According to the National Sleep Foundation, asthma has a strong connection with sleep issues. In fact, in some cases "nocturnal asthma" is a condition where people's asthma symptoms get worse at night, leading to an unsurprising decrease in quality sleep.

That's where an air purifier comes in to play. If you suffer from asthma, you can give your chances of good sleep a significant boost by cleaning your bedroom of the irritants that may trigger symptoms. Proactive use of an air purifier can help do this, and help you sleep far better than you thought possible.

For asthma sufferers, we recommend t he Alen BreatheSmart FIT50. Pair it with our Silver Carbon filter for best results!

Allergies, too

Like asthma symptoms, seasonal allergens can be a real sleep snatcher.

However, just like with asthma, you can attack the issue at its root by removing allergens and irritants that may be building up in your bedroom and the air that you're breathing. Be sure to also go to bed clean, as allergens can attach themselves to your skin, hair and clothing.

Sound Sleep

One of the things we didn't expect when we first started making air purifiers was for people to rave about the sound. It makes sense, of course, since plenty of people enjoy the sound of the rain or the ocean or a box fan as they drift off to sleep

Too much noise, of course, is a sleep thief, but constant levels of a pleasant sound can actually help regulate sleep as it evens out or muffles other nocturnal noises.

We spent a lot of time perfecting the tuning of the BreatheSmart FIT50 with this knowledge in mind, so that it not only performs quietly even on high, but the sound that it does make is as pleasant as we can make it.

We love sleep. Learn how the BreatheSmart FIT50 is designed around you.
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