Enjoy the Cleanest Air this Spring

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Enjoy the Cleanest Air this Spring


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  • Woman opening windows to spring

    When spring arrives with blue skies, budding trees and blossoming flowers, it can make you want to fling open your windows and welcome all the new life inside.

    That's perfect, except for those of us who suffer from allergies. Where others see beautiful flowers, we see pollen. Where others revel in a warm spring rain, we immediately think of mold. Where others love the breeze on their face, we can't but help think what that breeze might be carrying.

    Fortunately, there's a great deal that we CAN do to get the absolute most out of the beauty of spring while still protecting our selves from allergens.

    Check your Air Quality Index (AQI)

    Knowledge is power. Both your local weather station and sites like AirNow.gov can help you know whether you can open your windows without fear, or weather you should keep those windows closed for now.

    If you absolutely MUST get that breath of fresh air, keep in mind that you can fully ventilate most homes in about 20 minutes with a good cross breeze. Open your windows, get that clean air inside, and then close the windows to let your air purifiers get to work!

    Leave Outside...Outside

    Outdoor allergens can stick to your skin, hair and clothes. When pollen counts are high, remove your shoes and clothes, then shower as soon as possible when you come indoors. An Alen BreatheSmart can capture and remove over 99 percent of airborne pollen brought indoors, creating a refuge for your body to recover from spring allergies.

    The effects of allergies can add up, so creating a regimen that allows your body to recover between exposures to allergens can help you enjoy the time you do spend outside more.

    Cut Back

    You can significantly decrease the number of allergens that you are dealing with indoors by cutting back on few things.

    Carpets. We love them, but they capture pollens and other particles, and are a lot harder to clean. A high efficiency vacuum cleaner can help (as can a good air purifier for dust), but removing carpeting can help a lot in keeping your indoor environment cleaner.

    Flowerbeds. Cut shrubs and bushes back, and shift flowerbeds 3 feet away from your home where at all possible. This will help keep some pollen out of your home.

    Ceiling Fan Use. With temperatures rising, ceiling fans are super helpful, but they also tend to stir up dust and pollen that otherwise would fall out of the air. If you're struggling with allergy symptoms, thing twice before you switch that fan on.

    For the Hardcore

    If spring has you in a "green" frame of mind, consider taking some other harmful things out of the air. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which come from activities ranging from cooking to that deep spring clean can be captured effectively by an air purifier with activated carbon. You can make your air fresher than ever with a proactive approach to VOCs, from picking eco-friendly household products, to making sure you can get rid of any that are already in your home.

    Enjoy your Spring with cleaner air then ever this year!

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