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DIY Designer Panels

Why do it yourself? Pure happiness.

We can't speak for why YOU would choose to DIY, but we do it for the sheer joy of creation. Our designer panels (and how we play with them) are a way we get to let loose.

Check out of a few of the ways we make our air purifiers our own using a combination of our different designer panels. Feel inspired? Post your own brilliant creations in the comments below!

The Weekend Warrior

Patrick's challenge was to make an air purifier fit a carefully decorated room. Fortunately, a BreatheSmart with our primer panel makes matching that oh-so-precisely selected "hint of jade" a matter of minutes.

BreatheSmart + Primer Panel

Some See a Blank Canvas

When presented with a blank primer panel for her BreatheSmart, Iman didn't simply think to match or coordinate. She wanted something...different. We were blown away by the result.

BreatheSmart + Primer Panel

Last Season's Color becomes This Season's Color

What do you do when you when a color goes out of style? In this case, we decided that some spray paint and dragonfly stencils were the order of the day.

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