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Defend your body with Alen Air Purifiers for allergies


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  • There is no such thing as a harmless allergy. According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, allergic diseases are the sixth largest cause of chronic illnesses in the United States, affecting over 20 percent of the population. It is estimated that more than half of American households have at least one allergy sufferer.

    Allergies cause your immune system to react to foreign air pollutants and contaminants that are inhaled or otherwise ingested - making you feel ill. In addition your immune system is weakened while defending your body from these allergens, possibly failing to protect you from actual threats like bacteria or viruses.

    There are countless airborne allergens and pollutant particles that can be found within the air inside your home. When these airborne allergen particles are inhaled, they can damage your lungs and even your cardiovascular system. Repeated or frequent exposure can also worsen a variety of health conditions. For example, recurrent allergy symptoms could lead to the development of asthma with increased or repeated exposures to allergens. According to the American Lung Association, conditions that worsen into lung diseases take the lives of 1 out of 7 people every year. Alen Air Purifiers for allergies treat allergies at the source by removing them from the air you breathe––bringing you relief from draining allergy symptoms.


    Utilize Alen Air Purifiers for Allergies to find relief.

    Alen Air Purifiers for allergies feature HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) style filters, proven to be the most effective air filtering technology available. Our products are the best air purifiers for allergies, as they filter out many of the dangerous particles and allergens found in your indoor air. Read more about the power of HEPA style filtration and air purifiers for allergies.

    If you are interested in breathing easy and finding relief from your allergies consider an Alen Air Purifier for allergies. Learn about the specific features and health advantages of using air purifiers for allergies.

    Are you interested in finding the best air purifiers for allergies and allergy relief? With the industry’s first—and only—Allergy Relief Guarantee, we promise to give you and your family relief from indoor allergies. Call an Alen Product Specialist at 800-630-2396 to learn more about which air purifier may provide you the greatest relief.

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