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A350 Customer Success Story - Toni and Kelsey Wiggins

toni and kelsey wigginsWhen Kelsey was just seven months old her mother, Toni, had to admit her to the hospital for severe milk allergies. At two, Kelsey was old enough to receive allergy testing and what her doctor found was startling—Kelsey was dangerously allergic to almost everything she was tested for, including airborne allergies. Since then, she has been in and out of the hospital with both food and environmental allergy-related reactions, as well as pneumonia.

After researching different options, Toni decided to invest in her daughter's health by purchasing two Alen A350 Air Purifiers. She says she bought them for the Lifetime Limited Warranty, and the HEPA style filtration.

Toni claims the A350s give her daughter much needed rest and recovery from the outdoors. "When she goes outside her allergies are terrible, so when she comes in she can actually relax. That is the best thing I can do for her, give her body a chance to calm down and no longer fight all the allergens."

Kelsey still receives medication daily, as well as six to seven shots per week, and her mother says they never leave home without 2 Epinephrine shots or her nebulizers. Since purchasing the A350s, Kelsey has been feeling much better while at home because she can get away from her triggers.

Despite her struggles with allergies, Kelsey still rides her horse and does many of the things normal 13-year-olds do. "We try to help her live as normal a life as possible," says Toni. "It gives her a place to come home and rest. Once she feels better I can finally relax, too. The Alen Air Purifiers help us do that, just relax."

Do you or a loved one struggling with severe allergies? The Alen A350 Air Purifier was designed for allergy sufferers and comes standard with Alen's Allergy Relief Guarantee. Call an Alen Product Specialist (800-690-2396) to find relief like Kelsey.

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