Customer Success Story - Linda Wagner

Linda Wagner, a music educator, purchased an A350 Air Purifier for her classroom with the hopes of investing in her health. Working in the older part of her school building, Linda believed her classroom had poor indoor air quality and she was losing her singing voice as a result. Her classroom had a definite odor, no matter how much anyone cleaned. Linda tried different products to freshen the air, including neutralizers and air fresheners, with no relief—other teachers with asthma could not be in her room for long, fearing an asthma attack.

After placing an A350 Air Purifier in her classroom, her problems have been resolved. "I enjoyed entering my fresher smelling and feeling room as opposed to dreading the air quality. I had fewer problems with my voice this past year," says Linda. Now Linda runs her A350 continuously in her classroom and enjoys the improved air quality on a daily basis.

Do you struggle with allergies? Are you interested in finding relief like Linda? Alen Air Purifiers are designed for allergy sufferers and come standard with Alen's Allergy Relief Guarantee. Visit the Alen Air Purifier shop page or call an Alen Product Specialist 800-630-2396 to find the best air purifier for your needs.

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