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Compromised Immune Systems and Alen Air Purifiers

We typically think of our homes as a controlled environment, free of pollution and safe for those with compromised immune systems. However, the EPA lists indoor air pollution as an environmental health risk. We spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors and the EPA warns indoor air to be 2 to 5x more polluted than outdoor air. For caretakers of individuals with compromised immune systems, these are shocking statistics. Alen Air Purifiers can free your home from airborne pollutants and safeguard those with compromised immune systems.

Airborne particles, like mold and dust, can pose substantial health threats to anyone, especially those with compromised immune systems. Compromised immune systems are found in individuals with chronic illnesses or people who have common forms of lung disease––such as asthma, lung cancer or COPD. Because of their compromised immune systems, they need protection from dangerous particles that commonly pollute indoor air. Providing these individuals with pure, healthy air from an Alen Air Purifier can give them with relief from dangerous airborne particles.

It is important to maintain a clean indoor environment for those with compromised immune systems. Just as you should pay attention to pollutant levels for outdoor air, you should protect your loved ones with an Alen Air Purifier. Alen Air Purifiers provide dependable solutions for individuals with compromised immune systems. An Alen Air Purifier is especially beneficial to those with compromised immune systems because of Alen's HEPA style filter technology--proven to be the most effective method of air filtration available. Every Alen Air Purifier features HEPA style filters that attract and capture the airborne particles dangerous to those you love.

Call an Alen Air Quality Specialist 800-630-2396 to find out if an Alen Air Purifier may benefit you or your loved ones with compromised immune systems.

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