Clean Air, Clean Home

Don't Compromise on Clean Air in Your Home.

Everyone enjoys the comfort of a clean home, but certain methods of cleaning can contaminate air and endanger a healthy lifestyle. We’re here to provide tips so you don’t ever need to settle for dirty air.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are organic chemicals that evaporate at room temperature. Exposure to these chemicals can cause daily or serious health problems. Many household cleaners contain VOCs—which are harmful to indoor air quality.

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Don’t panic! There are many ways to reduce indoor chemicals without tossing out your cleaning products.

Replace household cleaners high in VOCs with safer alternatives

An easy way to reduce indoor chemicals is to replace household cleaners high in VOCs with safer options. Many household cleaners have green alternatives which are better for the environment and home. Carefully read packaging and labels on items before using them in your home.

Replace plastic containers with glass ones

Storing and microwaving food in a plastic container allows chemicals to contaminate food and can lead to serious health problems. Keep food in a glass container to avoid these chemicals from entering your system.

Open doors and windows for fresh air

Cracking open a window or door allows fresh outdoor air to enter the home. This improves air circulation and allows polluted air a way out.

Keep shrubs and trees at least 3 feet away from your home perimeter

Shrubs and trees close to your house allow surface water an easy route to your basement, which can cause mold. Mold can lead to serious allergy issues and is an unwelcome guest in any home.

Store firewood in the garage or outdoors

Keep firewood away from the fireplace and your living area. Drying firewood can release toxins and other chemicals into the air and quickly contaminate your home.

Install a carbon monoxide detector

High levels of carbon monoxide are odorless and can cause poisoning. In other words, it’s a silent killer. Installing a carbon monoxide detector can prevent serious injury or death.

Invest in a chemical air purifier

Air purifiers with a chemical filter are designed to eliminate chemicals in the air. Investing in a chemical air purifier is an easy solution to chemical odors or problems indoors. Try a BreatheSmart Fit50 for allergies, chemical or cooking odors.

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