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BreatheSmart Customer Success Story - Robert Mil

I would like to take the time and talk about my experience with Alen Air Purifiers.

I would like to start off with a little background about me. I am a 38-very soon to be 39-year-old American male with Filipino and Spanish descent. I consider myself "health conscious" and define this in terms of physical, mental and spiritual states. I try to eat well balanced and nutritious meals, exercise regularly and surround myself with people that are low stress and drama free. I believe in God and try to do the right things. I would say my "health" is very good.

HOWEVER, every year there seems to be a two month block where most of that goes out the window...It usually takes place in winter when it starts to get cold, to the early spring when nature is waking up and things are starting to bloom. For me, this infamous part of the year in Austin, Texas is my allergy season when I become absolutely miserable.

My body is hypersensitive to changes in weather and embraces those merely invisible microscopic allergens floating everywhere in the air. It is also allergic to a myriad of different hosts according to recent test results (but I pretty much already knew that). What gets me the worst, however, is the pollen and cedar fever. It doesn't care that I have a Bachelors degree in nutrition, am a competitive athlete or a lifelong . If it wants to get to me, it will always find a way.

My refuge is to hide at home and become dormant like a hibernating bear. That refuge only lasts so long before it is infiltrated by the highly motivated pollen. Yes, I say motivated because that is how I feel since they have over the years proven their love to be with me. Its persistence always wins out and eventually works its way inside the house. I keep a very clean house, buy the best AC filters and eat local honey to prolong the imminent attack. In the end, I know it will happen.

When it does find me, my resulting health becomes compromised and I am destined for a great asthma roller coaster ride. I am so used to this ride by now and its ending is always the same with a visit to the ER or Urgent Care, a free ticket to use the nebulizer and sometimes a bonus prize of a needle to the arm. Puffs and Kleenex have made me an official VIP client because I have contributed greatly to their business.

I am truly miserable during these months and lack motivation to do anything. I don't eat as well, am less productive and anti-social. I have a forever broken faucet of a nose, puffy eyes and sleep sitting up (if I am lucky enough to fall asleep). I still fight the fight and know that it will pass, but a tremendous toll will be once again taken out of me. I will then spend the next month or so recuperating and eventually work my way back into the full "health conscious" lifestyle I am accustomed to. It is usually a couple months later when I feel great again.

This year there was an anomaly in the schedule. My training regimen has been the same and I was again prepared for battle...but it didn't come. The winter and spring came and I miraculously missed my front row seat on the roller coaster ride. I found myself exercising and doing things outdoors that I would normally be doing at that time. I thought long and hard of what I did different.

It took a while for me to realize that the Alen Air Purifiers that (my girlfriend) Diana bought were the game changers. We put a small one in the bedroom and a second in the living room. These provided an added protection that I had not had in years. They were so effective in removing those heat seeking allergens that I enjoyed my winter and spring for the first time in years. I couldn't believe that two little machines could make that much of a difference. I thought there had to be more to it, but there wasn't.

This became apparently clear when I went to work in Indianapolis in mid-March. At this time in the Midwest, there are still cold snaps and srping is just beginning to step through the door. Within three days of my move I started to feel the battle was again brewing between my health and nature. I had all the tell tale signs of sneezing, itchy eyes, a forever runny nose and an ever so slight shortness of breath. On the fourth day the pollen infantry had presented itself with its glimmering thin yellow coat across my shiny black truck. They found me.

I once again struggled for the next month and a half. The same result...the same ending. I didn't have my Alen body guards and the protection they provide me back in Austin. What a significant and noticeable difference. Even though I didn't have my first asthma free year, I gained the knowledge of how to do it next season. I now have validation and can say with confidence that these little machines are going to play a big difference whether I suffer or not.

I am looking forward to not having any more shots, breathing treatments and visits tot he doctor. No more suffering, frustrating and hiding. No more red noses, mountains of tissue boxes and sleepy eyes. NO MORE ASTHMA roller coaster rides! I see a future of continued "health consciousness." One year, two, three...this may really happen. Its odd to think these little machines may actually play a major role in what happens to my future just by letting me breathe a little easier.

Do you struggle with allergies? Are you interested in finding relief like Robert? The Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifier is Alen's most powerful air purifier and come standard with Alen's Allergy Relief Guarantee. Shop now or call an Alen Product Specialist 800-630-2396 to find the best air purifier for your needs.

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