Battling Pet Dander Allergy Symptoms with Alen

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Battling Pet Dander Allergy Symptoms with Alen


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  • Pet Dander doesn't have to keep you from loving your pets
    Most pet owners consider their animals to be part of the family, so when pet dander allergy symptoms arise it may be a difficult problem. For instance, some pet owners choose to suffer through pet dander allergy symptoms just so they can spend time with their animals. Others attempt to manage irritating and draining pet dander allergy symptoms using medications, enduring possible side effects that come along with them.

    Alen Air Purifiers can provide natural relief from pet dander allergy symptoms by removing common pet-related irritants, like pet dander and even fur. All Alen Air Purifiers feature HEPA style filtration technology designed to prevent pet dander allergy symptoms. Alen's HEPA style air filters are the most advanced filter technology available, as they are able to capture allergens and relieve your worst pet dander allergy symptoms. Alen's highly-rated air purifiers also attract and capture a variety of other hazardous indoor air pollutants including mold, pollen, dust and even smoke, dangerous gases or unpleasant odors.

    In addition to using an air purifier, Alen recommends other simple steps that can reduce pet dander allergy symptoms. Always bathe your pet frequently, and wipe down their paws when they return indoors from being outside. This can reduce the amount of pollen and outdoor allergens pets track inside. Additionally, regularly dust and vacuum carpets, rugs, curtains and upholstered furniture to remove pet fur and dust, and to minimize pet dander allergy symptoms. It is also important to keep any areas that your pet frequents as clean as possible. Even if a pet's area or bed is tucked away, the pet dander can circulate throughout your home, aggravating your pet dander allergy symptoms.

    Are you interested in learning more about Alen Air Purifiers for homes with pets? With the industry's first and only Allergy Relief Guarantee, we promise to give you and your family relief from indoor allergies. Learn more about our Allergy Relief Guarantee and start experience relief now.

    You can also call an Alen Product Specialist 800-630-2396 to learn more about which air purifier may help you control your pet dander allergy symptoms.