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Love your pets. More.

Our furry family members have minor flaws just like any family member. Enjoy your pets even more by eliminating a common drawback with the Alen Fur Family pack, designed just for pet owners. 

Pet odors, those we can do without.

Whether it's the cat box or the accident in the middle of the carpet, pets can come with an olfactory calling card. Don't let that be their most outstanding trait. 

Cat getting out of a litter box

Odor neutralization so advanced it's magical.

The filters in the Fur Family pack use an advanced molecular conversion powder to break down and neutralize even the toughest pet odors, leaving only fresh air behind. 

Molecular Conversion Powder Filter

Easy as 1, 2, 3

The Fur Family pack comes with an Alen T500 and a whole year's supply of odor neutralizing filters. That's a fresh filter every 4 months, each one providing thousands of hours of pure air.

Alen T500 Fur Friends Pack

Get the most pure air out of it.

1Put your T500 close to the source of odor, whether that's near the cat box or your dog's bed.

2Change your filter every 4 months, or whenever you begin to notice pet odor.

3Move it where it needs to go. Your pets don't stay still and with it's compact design and small footprint, the T500 doesn't need to either.

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Lifetime Limited Warranty
60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
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