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Alen CEO Launches Mission to Help 1 Million People

Warb HeadshotAUSTIN—May 2012— Warb Lee, Alen CEO, announces a new company ambition—Help 1 Million People Live Better by the year 2021.

"Alen was founded on the purpose of helping people Live Better, and our new direction is simply a progression of that idea," says Lee. This comes as the the Environmental Protection Agency reports indoor air quality to be—on average—2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, noting it as one of the top five health concerns we currently face. The ambition was developed to cultivate awareness about the dangers of poor indoor air quality while providing solutions that help people Live Better by improving the air they breathe.

"Alen Air Purifiers are an effective, non-intrusive and natural way of removing harmful particles from indoor air," says Lee. "Repeated exposure to polluted indoor air can lead to a number of related health concerns, including allergies and asthma, as well as the development of heart disease, lung disease and potentially cancer. Creating this new company ambition demonstrates our commitment to taking a more proactive stance against poor indoor air quality and its impact on people's health."


ALA LogoThe first partnership developed from Alen's newly established ambition is the support of the American Lung Association, whose mission is to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease.

Alen recently sponsored the ALA's Fight For Air Climb in Austin, Texas and looks forward to doing more. "We love working with organizations like the American Lung Association. We are grateful for the important work the ALA is doing to educate the public on the importance of lung health," says Lee.

In addition to Alen's corporate sponsorship, the company formed a team of eight climbers and raised nearly $3,000 in private donations. Alen's Breathe Easy Lounge, complete with Alen Paralda Air Purifiers, comfortable seating and bottled water, offered participants a place to "catch their breath" with pure Alen air after the climb. The event, along with Alen's contributions and support, helped further the American Lung Association's mission to save lives and prevent lung disease by funding their education, advocacy and research activities.

Alen looks to establish more partnerships with organizations geared toward improving health concerns related to poor indoor air quality. Forming these partnerships enables Alen to achieve its ambition of Helping 1 Million People Live Better by creating greater awareness around the impact of poor indoor air quality and the benefit air purifiers can provide.


Are you one of the million suffering from allergies, asthma, COPD or other health issue related to poor indoor air quality? Has your quality of life been improved with the use of an Alen Air Purifier? Tell us your story