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Air Quality News

Smoke and Smog: Air Pollution Continues to Worsen in China
As China continues to grow, so does its air pollution problem. Most of China's largest cities have the worst air pollution in the world, with toxic smog reaching levels 40 times its recommended level. Read to learn more about this problem and how China is working to stop it. Read More 

Air Quality in the News: Salt Lake City Experiences the Worst Pollution in Years
In January of 2013, Salt Lake City, Utah, experienced high levels of pollution due to a unique weather event. Read to learn more about this extreme circumstance and why this mountain town suffered from such high pollution levels. Read More 

Care for your Air: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality
The Environmental Protection Agency's guide to indoor air quality in homes, schools and offices. This article provides information regarding pollutants potentially lingering in your indoor air including, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), chemicals, gases and living organisms like mold and pets. Read more to understand how your indoor air quality could be harming your health. Read More 

Health and Safety Tips—Indoor Air Quality
Information on indoor air quality from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the potential health threats from breathing polluted indoor air. In this article you will find health and safety tips on how you may improve your indoor air. Read further to learn more about indoor air and potential health threats. Read More 

Indoor Air Quality Guide
Indoor Air Quality from the leading organization on education, research and advocacy of lung health, the American Lung Association. In this article you will find information regarding indoor air pollutants and particles. Learn about how biological pollutants, secondhand tobacco smoke, combustion pollutants, radon, and other dangerous particles could be lingering in your indoor air. Read More 

U.S. Allergy Capitals
The Worst Cities for Allergies in the United States from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Even if you live outside of an allergy capital, you may be experiencing aggravating allergies. Alen Air Purifiers can help you keep leave the outdoors outside by removing pollen, mold and other allergy triggers. Read more to see where your city ranks. Read More