Air Purifiers May Help With Heart Health

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Air Purifiers May Help With Heart Health


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    When considering the root of heart problems, a sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits or diabetes are usually first to come to mind. While air quality is typically related to the health of your lungs, breathing polluted indoor air can also be damaging to your heart. A multi-campus team from UCLA, the University of Southern California, the University of California, Irvine, and Michigan State University, released a study which found nanoparticle air pollutants — microscopic airborne particles — to be the most toxic of airborne particles. These pollutants are considered to be as large a contributor to arterial plaque as secondhand smoke and are most abundantly found in urban areas. Understanding how these particles and other pollutants are damaging is an important part of keeping your heart healthy.

    A small build-up of microscopic airborne particles through the years can effect microvascular function (MVF) and create stress. The heart then has to work harder to pump the same amount of blood throughout your body because of inflammation. Due to the amount of time we all spend indoors, it's important to decrease the amount of these harmful particles in your air.

    Alen Air Purifiers are designed to remove these toxic air pollutants from indoor air. In fact, some Alen customers even report seeing a difference in dust and relief from allergy symptoms after 48 hours of continuous use. By including an air purifier in your home, you have the opportunity to not only rid your home of indoor allergens, but also heart-damaging pollutants.

    If you would like to learn more about how Alen Air Purifiers can improve your life and clean the air your breathe, visit our Learning Center. Also, access our Product Advisor page to help you decide which Alen Air Purifier might benefit you best.