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Air Purifiers are the Key to Odor Control

Many believe air fresheners to be an effective way to remove odors and improve indoor air, as commercials for these products promote the benefits of a better smelling home. However, what they do not tell is the EPA classifies air fresheners as an indoor air pollutant, noting, “[air fresheners] release pollutants more or less continuously." The key to controlling odors and improving indoor air is removing the source with air purifiers. Air purifiers can capture odors from your air, while giving you pure, health air to breathe.

Why are air purifiers more effective at removing odors?

Air fresheners can often contain formaldehyde which is classified as a carcinogen, or contain nerve-deadening chemicals that may block your sense of smell temporarily. While these products are generally considered safe, air fresheners may also add to other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in the home, triggering headaches, nausea or aggravating asthma. In addition, some have even found air fresheners to contain phthalates, a hazardous chemical known to cause birth defects or hormonal abnormalities. Air purifiers filter indoor air, capturing odors and removing them at the source.

Air Purifiers can control odors, without creating dangerous VOCs levels or releasing dangerous chemicals. Alen Air Purifiers are built to remove heavy odors such as: pet dander or accidents, cooking, tobacco or fireplace smoke and bathroom odors. Alen Air Purifiers also have different odor filter options, with some containing Alen’s Activated Carbon or Alen’s patented Molecular Conversion Powder (MCP) to help you to enjoy the benefits of pure, healthy air wherever odor is a problem.

Are you interested in learning more about how Alen Air Purifiers remove odor from your home? To learn more about Alen Air Purifiers and which might be best for your home, shop our Alen air purifiers. If you’re interested in finding out more about Alen’s Odor Filter options, visit our filters page.

Do you have questions about which of our air purifiers may benefit you best? Call an Alen Product specialist 800-630-2396 for any questions or concerns you may have.

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