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Alen Air Purifier Reviews and Ratings

At Alen, we pride ourselves on making quality air purifiers that relieve asthma and allergy symptoms. Our customers have seen significant reduction in their allergies by using an Alen air purifier. We are making a difference in people's lives by providing superior service like our 60 day guarantee, free shipping and the industry's only Lifetime Limitted Guarantee. 

Are you looking to relieve your allergy symptoms? Read reviews from Alen customers who have experienced a difference simply by adding an air purifier to their homes.


Much Better Air 

“My allergies had been the worse they'd even been this Fall...When I realized indoor allergens could be worse than outdoor, I decided to get an air purifier. Literally within the first night of plugging it in, I noticed a difference in my quality of sleep, and then my quality of air. Add to that that the folks at Alen are helpful, courteous and knowledgeable, and I'm wondering why I didn't get one sooner. I recommend this product and Alen wholeheartedly!”  

Allergen Free New Yorker from NY

We Love Our Alen  

“We use this air purifier in my son's room. He was continually getting sinus infections in the fall and winter that lead to migraine headaches. Since we have gotten this product he has not had a migraine headache at all. This is very loud on the highest level but not very loud on the 2nd level which is what we run it on. Very satisfied.” 

Mom in Union from KY

Bought 2 for 950 SqFt Apartment  

“Bought 2 [units] in the Fall of 2008 and use them daily. These Alen A350s have been great. I put them on the lowest speed and set the timer for 2-3 hours two or three times a day and that keeps the apartment very allergy free and asthma friendly. Highly recommend.”  

Jake from MA

Strike 1 and Then a Home Run  

“I have several cedar trees outside my home and enjoy having the windows open during the fall. With this Alen air purifier I enjoy working in my home office with the window slightly open with minimal allergies. With the window closed they almost disappear! I think this is a great air purifier for the money and would recommend Alen to almost any one.” 

Dan from Cedar Park

An Awesome Machine  

“We bought two of these machines. My spouse has heart trouble & a hard time breathing & these have helped so much. This A350 air purifier is just great. I have year round allergies & am a smoker. This has removed the stench of cigarette smoke from my bedroom & it smells so much better now. Since last fall my eyes have itched & been puffy & my nose leaked like a faucet. Now since I've used this machine, my allergies are gone. It's unbelievable. Love this air purifier. Wish I had known about it years ago.” 

Kathy from MN

Best Allergy Season Ever!  

The allergies this time of year usually ruin my fall, and I have been pleasantly amazed at how well the air purifier works. I leave it on day and night because it is so quiet. I even turn it up sometimes to block out ambient noise in my apartment. A Happy Customer in Chicago.” 

Spartans from Chicago

Alen Air Purifiers Do you want to find out what an Alen Air Purifier could do for your fall allergy symptoms? Alen's Air Purifiers for Allergies are guaranteed to relieve your allergy symptoms. Visit our Air Purifiers for Allergies or call an Air Quality Specialist (800-630-2396) to find the best solution for your needs.