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Air Pollution Facts

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We've gathered a list facts and statistics related to air pollution, all  collected from various sources. Each source has been cited in correlation to the fact.

Universal facts:

  • Toxic air pollution poses a greater threat to children, due to their smaller physical size and lung capacity. (source: CEF )
  • During heavy traffic jam, pollutants outside can seep into your car, making the air inside you car 10 times more polluted than typical city air. (source: CEF )
  • More hazardous pollutants are discharged into the air each year than are released to surface water, groundwater, and land, combined. (source: )
  • It is estimated that you breathe 20,000 liters of air each day. This means the more polluted the air is, the more we breathe into our lungs dangerous chemicals. (source: )
  • Globally, air pollution causes 1 in 8 deaths. (source: )

Related specifically to the U.S.:

  • The number of people who die in America every year due to air pollution is above 50,000. (source: CEF )
  • A single bus carries passengers which are likely to drive 40 cars. (source: CEF )
  • According to The American Lung Association, 40% of the American population is exposed to unhealthy air. (source: sciencetopia )

Related specifically to California:

  • 5,000 premature deaths in Southern California are caused due to pollution from diesel trucks. (source: CEF )
  • Air pollution in California kills 25,000 people per year and costs $200 million worth of medical expenses. (source: CEF )
  • According to the California Department of Education, asthma is a leading cause of school absenteeism. (source: CEF )
  • Almost one third of air pollution in San Francisco is due to the air pollution in China which can travel as far as the Central Valley in the United States. (source: sciencetopia )
  • The increase in air pollution in China also increases the occurrence of snowfall in the state of California. (source: sciencetopia )
  • The five cities with the highest air pollution in the United States are all from California. (source: sciencetopia )

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