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Alen T500 Nurture Smart Bundle

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A powerful, compact tower to help you live your best in your utility spaces.

The Alen T500 is a perfect fit for your utility areas, combining portability and power, a small footprint, whisper-quiet fan, HEPA-OdorCell filters and designer color options for best-in-class air purification.

  • Includes 2 HEPA OdorCell filters for 8 months of protection
  • Get pure air wherever you need it in a portable, powerful compact tower with included travel bag
  • Eliminate strong odors, including diaper odor with HEPA-OdorCell odor neutralizing technology
  • Create a refuge from allergies and asthma for you and your family by removing dust, mold spores, pollen and more
  • Seven color options let you personalize your unit
  • Forever Guarantee - unique to Alen

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    Features and Benefits


    Whether you're bringing your baby home for the first time, or have older kids with a growing collection of sports gear, you want to make sure your indoor air is safe, healthy and comfortable, so you and your family can live your best. You want a healthy environment that is free of odors, as well as the dust, mold spores and other particles that would otherwise settle in your laundry room or mud room, get tracked around your home, and end up in your children's lungs.

    The Alen T500 Tower Air Purifier is a perfect solution for your utility spaces. A powerful, quiet, compact tower that is perfect for those parts of your home that keep your family running, the Alen T500 packs full-size performance in a sleek compact tower design, purifying the air in rooms of up 500 square feet.

    Designed for portability and fitting into tight spaces, the lightweight Alen T500 has a handle that makes it easy to move it from room to room. Its conveniently compact size and small footprint let you set up fast, wherever you need air purification. And the unit's travel bag means you can take the T500 with you whenever you leave the house.

    How It Works

    Alen's customized air purifying solution destroys heavy odors at a molecular level to keep your home smelling fresh, eliminating everything from diaper odor to airborne allergens like mold spores and dust. HEPA-OdorCell filters target a wide range of airborne allergens and odors so you and your family can breathe better, anywhere.

    Thoughtfully Designed

    Thoughtfully designed, the Alen T500 is simple to use and easy to maintain. The portable tower features an LCD panel with intuitive controls, allowing you to adjust settings with just a quick touch of a button. Pick from seven color options to find best match for your home decor. And easy-to-change HEPA filters ensure the quality of the air you breathe is the healthiest for you and your new family.

    Unparalleled Quality

    The Energy Star Certified Alen T500 air purifier transforms your indoor air environment using carefully positioned fans and vents that maximize airflow, giving it consistent performance no matter its placement or the obstacles in the room. Plus, the Alen T500 is whisper-quiet, so when baby finally goes to sleep, she and you can sleep through the night.

    Take control of your indoor air environment and live your best with your new family with a Nurture Smart Bundle.

    We recommend:

    • Replacing your filter once every four months, or whenever you begin to notice strong pet odors starting to return
    • Rinsing or lightly vacuuming the removable, black pre-filter as soon as it develops a layer of visible particles; allow it to dry completely before replacing it back in the unit

    Please note: washing or vacuuming the rest of the filter can seriously damage it, so ONLY clean the pre-filter.


    1. Handle for easy moving
    2. Ionizer
    3. LCD screen and intuitive controls
    4. Twelve hour run timer
    5. Light weight, about as much as a gallon of milk
    6. 3-speed fan
    7. Change filter indicator light

    Alen T500 Product Features


    Filtration rate Removes 95% of particles greater than 0.3 microns
    CFM (airflow in Cubic Feet per Minute) Speed 1: 48 CFM; Speed 2: 83 CFM; Speed 3: 130 CFM
    CADR 159
    Noise levels Speed 1: 42 dB; Speed 2: 47 dB; Speed 3: 56 dB
    Power Consumption 53 watts on highest speed
    Power Supply 120V
    Filter Life 6-9 months
    Size 22"H x 6"W x 10"D
    Weight 9 lbs

    Package Contents

    Forever Guarantee

    We come to work every day for one reason - to make high quality air purifiers and filters so you can breathe better, feel better and live better. That’s why we created the air purifier industry's first and only Forever Guarantee. We’re in this for life - your life. If you've used your Alen air purifier for personal purposes in the United States and it quits operating under normal conditions, we guarantee to provide you the same or comparable refurbished purifier with free shipping. Click here to learn more about our Forever Guarantee.

    However, the warranty is only valid in the US and Mexico. Taking this unit to any other country and connecting it to a voltage converter or plug adapter will void the warranty. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are looking for a product to use outside of the US or Mexico.

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