How to keep your indoor air pure this allergy season

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How to keep your indoor air pure this allergy season

Indoor air quality becomes a major issue during the fall and winter months. As we hunker down during the cooling and cold months, pollutants accumulate inside our homes and offices. Dust, mold, fungus, and even smoke and chemicals from fireplace fires and cooking can build up and wreak havoc on your lungs and allergies.

Here’s a list of common indoor allergens to look out for in your home this season (via WebMD):

The good news is that you can manage and minimize these triggers in your home. Here are some tips for reducing and even eliminating indoor allergens in your home or office:

There are definitely lots of challenges with indoor allergies during the fall and winter months. With some precautions and extra effort, this can turn out to be the best allergy season in years for you and your family. (Visit our learning center for more information about Fall and Winter allergies)

What are issues you face with indoor air quality during the fall and winter seasons? Share your concerns and ideas for dealing with them in our comments below.

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December 06, 2014

I love my Alen air purifiers! I have had them for several years now. I have asthma and I am allergic the dust mites. I can honestly say my health is better today because of your air purifiers. I have not had an asthma attack and my allergy symptoms have been very light ever since I started using your products!

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