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Welcome to the new online home of Alen

For nearly a decade, the team at Alen has been driven by one simple mission: help our customers live better by improving the air you breathe. We’ve done this by designing innovative products like the BreatheSmart and BreatheSmart FIT50 to better address our customers’ air quality needs and their lifestyles. These are the most powerful, intuitive, and easy to use air purifiers on the market today, and they are all backed by a dedicated Alen customer support team for the life of your air purifier and a warranty that’s unmatched in the industry.

Looking ahead to the next decade of Alen, we’re as committed to helping our customers as we were on day one, constantly evolving and improving to make sure our products and services help you and your family breathe, feel, and live better. Today, we’re excited to show you our new website.

The new online home of Alen reflects a new logo, colors, and fonts that are better aligned with our core mission – to help you live better. But more importantly, our new website is a huge jump forward in making your experience online of researching and buying a new air purifier much easier. Here are some highlights of the new alencorp.com:

Our new website and visual identity are just the first steps in an exciting new chapter of Alen that will unfold in the coming months. With you, our customers, as the focus of everything that we do at Alen, we’re looking forward to making it even easier for you to research, buy, and use an air purifier so you and your family can enjoy pure air and a healthier life.

Moving forward, we’d love to hear from you to better understand the issues that are important to you. Your feedback will help us improve our website, our customer service, and most importantly, the air purifiers we offer to you and our customers throughout the world. Let us know if we’re doing a good job of helping you live better or where we could do a better job.

Warburg Lee
CEO, Alen Corporation


W. Rockwood
W. Rockwood

January 06, 2015

My wife has respiratory allergies. What a difference air filtration has made in our home. We have 3 different types of machines, one of which is an Alen (the most recent). It runs quiet, consistently, and keeps my wife’s lungs happy. Our son signed us up for the auto shipment of filters from Alen — it’s a convenient reminder to not forget to check/replace the filter. Thanks ALEN.

Aliza Hausman
Aliza Hausman

October 21, 2014

I have an air purifier in every room and except for two large IQ Air air purifiers, every room has an Alen in it. I love the BreatheSmart. I was a big fan of the T300 and fell in love with the more compact T500. Whenever I’ve contacted customer service, they have been nothing but wonderful especially when I needed to replace a unit. They even sent me a T500 to try out…which led me to buy more Alen products even as gifts. I do love the different choice of filters. I keep a BreatheSmart with an odor filter in the kitchen, for instance. It’s happy right now: I can tell from the blue light! I own 5 Alen air purifiers.

lawrence grimm
lawrence grimm

October 20, 2014

I have tried 3 other type air filtration systems-Alen is by far the best system I’ve used yet-We have 4 dogs that spend time in the house with us and it was amazing the difference it made . We use the odor cell replacement filter-a little expensive-but well worth it.
Customer service has always been polite and quite helpful. Well worth the $600 investment.
Thanks again-Lawrence

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