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Rain or Shine, Alen Works to Meet Your Needs

by Alen Editor December 08, 2017

If you ever visit our Alen headquarters, one thing you might overhear repeatedly from Alen employees is “customer first” or “caring for the customer.” It’s a mentality that’s deeply rooted in what we do, and what we truly believe. From the sales team to Customer Support, we care about your needs and we want to keep you breathing clean air. Our products are customizable because our customers are all unique, and as the needs of our customers change and grow, so does Alen and its products.

This has been a year of weather extremes, and with it, we’ve seen even more customer needs emerge. Here in Austin, we’ve driven trucks full of supplies to our neighbors in Houston and witnessed the wreckage a natural disaster can cause.

We’ve also watched as wildfires have devastated the states of California, Montana, Oregon and Washington in the past year - and continue to rage in California. The aftermath has created large amounts of smoke pollution in the air. Residents far beyond the fire’s reach are also vulnerable to smoke inhalation, as smoke can reach up to a 60-mile radius and can lead to increased hospital trips for multiple lung and heart issues, according to a recent Wired article.

It can be hard to watch from afar as our friends and loved ones experience these events, but we can at least observe on a closer level as different events create different spikes in our product lines. The wildfires, for example, have generated a demand for specialty air purifiers for wildfire smoke removal in the last few months. The sudden need for air purifiers that address concerns related to breathability and odor control within areas impacted by the wildfire has alerted us that our customers need bundles specifically to deal with wildfire smoke. We have also garnered audiences we’ve never had before, like schools. Communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Irma have, too, demonstrated a need for air purifiers that address mold concerns - and again, odor.

Information like this helps us constantly refine and customize our product line so that even during devastating natural events, we can at least help our customers rebuild within the normalcy of odor-free, breathable air. And because we want you to experience the benefits of our air purifiers year-round, we make sure our filters can address other concerns, too, like allergies. For example, the HEPA-FreshPlus filters for our BreatheSmart and FIT50 units come equipped with a whopping 3 pounds of activated carbon. This makes it a powerful tool to rid the air of heavy smoke and strong odor concerns.

While we may not all know what it’s like to live in an area ravaged by fires or flooding, the Alen family do all own air purifiers that help us with our own health and lifestyle concerns. So, we know how our products can meet different needs. Our lifetime warranty is more than just a promise, it is a commitment to help you and your loved ones live and breathe better in any condition. Let us know how we can make your winter better, and may the flowers bloom again soon (we’ll be there for you for those pollen concerns, too!)

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