Our Response to Hurricane Harvey

by Patrick Smith September 08, 2017

In the wake of the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey, one of our staff members, Wade Zunker, gathered a trailer of supplies including a number of Alen air purifiers to take to those affected. Wade was stunned by the destruction and shared images with our team that testified not only to the sheer power of the storm, but also to the healing power of those who are lending a helping hand.

Our hearts were warmed by the stories of the anonymous heroes with their duck and fishing boats who converged on Houston and the surrounding areas, risking their lives to evacuate those in grave danger. The loss of human life would have been on an entirely different scale if it weren’t for the brave Texans and their neighbors who answered the call. “The entire global first-responder community is amazed at what happened in Houston”, Wade recorded a relief organizer as saying.

We’ll be working in the weeks and months to come to deliver pure air where we can.

The Work Remaining

The real work of rebuilding has just begun. If you’re like us, and want to lend a helping hand, check out this list of a few of the worthy organizations who continue the work on the Texas and Louisiana coast, curated by our Alen team members in Austin, Texas:

  1. The American Red Cross -- Around the clock, large-scale relief work for those affected by Harvey
  2. Austin Disaster Relief Network -- Austin disaster relief group with opportunities to give financially, to donate much needed items or to volunteer in a wide variety of roles
  3. Texas Diaper Bank Disaster Relief Wish List - Parents of small children? We are too, and we understand the need for diapers when you’ve lost everything  
  4. Undies for Everyone - Another sometimes overlooked hygiene necessity, clean underwear is a need that many people go without during times of crisis
  5. Austin Pets Alive - Remember our furry friends and support a group that is doing incredible work on the ground for pets lost or displaced by the storm

Give generously, y’all!

We’re Texans, Too

In a flooding event like Hurricane Harvey, home damage can lead to long term respiratory challenges in the months and years ahead. If you, a family member, or a friend has been affected, you can call or chat to find out if you qualify for a special offer. We have set aside a number of air purifiers available at a significantly reduced cost, designed specifically to help with the kind of respiratory issues that flooding causes. Our staff are thrilled to be a part of caring for others!

Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith

Patrick is (almost) an Austin native, who loves the creative vibe of the city. He's also an air purifier believer with first hand experience of how much relief they give in high allergy season.


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