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Lighting Trends for 2017

by Alen Editor August 08, 2017

What's Trending? Lighting for 2017

For some, lighting is an accent to a room. For others, they just want to be able to see well and convenience is the name of the game. For still others, it's the main event.

No matter which category you fall into, we've found the best and brightest of lighting trends from around the web.

Fabulous Fixtures

If you're thinking about updating your lighting fixtures there's a few key things you can keep in mind. First, anything artisanal (read: unique!) is definitely in. Look for unique pieces, or augment fixtures that you already have with a personal touch: paint, mirrors, wire, beads and recycled wood are just a few of the possibilities.

Love the seaside? Take a page of Progress Lighting's book and look for some nautical flare. According to their recommendations, fixtures that are sealed with seeded or beveled glass will give you a hint of the sea even if your home is completely landlocked. 

Wanting something off the shelf? Look for the warm brasses and coppers that are still in, as well as the more bare, stark industrial options that are great for showing off antique or Edison style bulbs. 

Lamp Love

Speaking of stark and industrial, look for lamps featuring bare bulbs. These are not only chic and fun on their own, but they are also a playground for the DIY-ers among us. Also, along similar lines, look for dramatic lamps with larger shades or dramatic curving arms that pair minimalism with a strong sense of line and shape.

Looking for a night light that also cleans the air? Look no further than our very own Paralda, whose clean lines and powerful dual air flow also includes a night light option perfect for a guest room or child's room.

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Smart Lighting 

As we get closer and closer to living in an Internet of Things, we would be remiss not to point out all of the new options available in Smart Lighting. Whether you are looking merely for the energy saving of LED bulbs, dimming, color-changing, programable lighting or lighting that learns from your habits, you now have options upon options from Phillips, Samsung, Sony, Belkin, GE and more. It's a smarter world out there everyday.

DIY Lighting

We come back to DIY a lot. Part of that is just us. Another part is that thanks to Pinterest, we can't help but find a never-ending stream of fun ideas.

Lighting is no exception. From incredible twine fixtures to iron pipe installations or under the counter disk lighting, it seems that our choices are now only limited by our imagination and the time it takes to discover exactly what will fit that special space. The increasing availability of cool, energy-saving LED lighting solutions also opens many new avenues of lighting for the eager and imaginative.

Alen Editor
Alen Editor

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