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Pee-ew! 10 Ways to Freshen Your Child’s Stinky Bedroom

by Fatima Puri August 30, 2017

Dirty socks, sporting gear, or general teenage B.O. got your child’s room smelling ripe? You don’t have to wear nose plugs until they move out of the house. Instead, follow the next ten tips to remove odor from your child’s bedroom, so you can take a breath of fresh air in your own home without gagging.

1. Use Sport Detergent

Does your child play sports? Then his/her stuff probably stinks! Even if you wash jerseys, socks, shin guards, and padding right after games and practice, sweaty clothes can accumulate dirt and grime that’s too much for normal detergent to handle. In some cases, certain detergents like fabric softeners actually add to the odor problem because they lock in odors (especially with sweat-wicking fabric).

What’s the solution to stinky workout gear then? Sport detergent. A brand like Nathan Sport Wash works wonders when it comes to eliminating all odors—from football jerseys to baseball uniforms to dancewear. The detergent is odorless and highly concentrated, so it’s surprising that a little goes a long way in removing the reek from your child’s wardrobe.

2. Wash Bedding Once Per Week

Most people don’t wash bedding as much as they should (once per week). But since people secrete over 25 gallons of sweat into their beds each year, it’s important to keep your kids sheets clean so they don’t start to smell! Also, loosen up on making the bed rules. When your kids get up in the morning, tell them to make their bed after they’ve eaten breakfast and showered, so the sheets have time to air out. That’ll keep some of the bacteria buildup and subsequent stench at bay until the next wash.

3. Protect the Mattress

Mattress covers were invented for a reason—to keep sweat, drool, bedwetting, and other nastiness out. Buy your child a mattress cover that prevents gross stuff from seeping deep into the mattress fibers (and wash it every couple months!). If your child’s mattress is more than 10 years old, buy a new one. Old mattresses harbor tons of germs which can add to general bedroom smelliness.

4. Dry Washable Items in the Sun

The ultraviolet rays of the sun kill some bacteria when you allow clothes to completely dry in the sunshine. After you wash your children’s clothing in sport detergent, hang them out to let the sun work its odor-busting magic.

5. Open Windows

Your child’s bedroom most likely smells offensive because of a buildup of sweat and bacteria from his/her own body. When the weather allows, air out your child’s room by opening windows.

6. Use Fans

Fans don’t just keep you cool, but circulate air so it doesn’t become stagnant and smelly. Get your child a window fan that both pulls clean, fresh air in and reverses to suck stinky air out.

7. Run a Dehumidifier

Moisture causes mold and mildew accumulation—smell that’s hard to eradicate once it becomes a problem. These stinky situations can be solved and prevented by running dehumidifiers. If your child sleeps in the basement, buy a dehumidifier to remove excess water from the air. It’ll be both healthier and less stinky.

8. Change Out Carpet for Hard Surfaces

Carpet may feel nice under your toes, but it’s a breeding ground for germs, mildew, and olfactory offenders. If your child spills drinks and food, walks around with dirty feet, or gets sick on a carpet it’ll be much harder to remove than on a hard surface. Just think how easy it will be to bleach the floor instead of renting a rug doctor!

9. Don’t Let Your Kids Eat in their Rooms

It’s too easy to forget a half-eaten sandwich under the bed—until it starts stinking up the whole house. Make a house rule that forbids food in bedrooms, so your kids don’t end up attracting pests, getting sick, or creating a very stinky kid cave.

10. Get an Air Purifier

Going straight to the source of stinkiness will get rid of it once and for all. However, if you’re dealing with a smelly teenage boy you might need to bring in the big guns: an air purifier. An air purifier like Alen’s is built to combat stench, including dirty diapers, so it’s prepared to handle your child’s stink from infancy to college.

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Kids are smelly creatures. To live in harmony and maintain a clean, nice-smelling household you should try some of the tips we spotlighted above. We hope they’ll lead to less stinkiness and more pleasant co-habitation.

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