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Discover The Truth About Winter Air

by Nicholas Dunlap February 05, 2019

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Most of the country is still deep in the middle of winter. From the dramatic dips in temperature across the Midwest to uncharacteristic snowfall in other areas that rarely experience such weather, there is no doubt of the dramatic impacts this time of year can bring. Another example, though perhaps less widely acknowledged, is the potentially equally dramatic increase in toxicity to the air inside of our homes.


Why Indoor Air Quality Declines in Winter

The changes in air conditions that we experience indoors during the winter are fairly easy to explain. As the temperatures begin to drop and stay consistently colder, we tend to close windows and doors more consistently, our pets begin to stay indoors more often, and during certain times of the season, we cook large meals more often and increase the use of our fireplaces, all of which can increase the count of unwanted particles in our air.


Tips to Cope with Winter Weather

There are many ways that you can improve your quality of life during the winter months.  We have compiled our list of tips and tools that you can use this winter to not only improve your air quality but your seasonal quality of life.

  Global Weather Charts - Understand the science

One of the best ways to prepare for colder temperatures and create a plan to not only stay warm but care for your indoor air is to understand the changing weather patterns. While nearly everyone understands the basics of the four seasons that the majority of the country experiences, with exceptions along parts of the east and west coasts and the southern states, many fewer people understand a significant amount of the science behind weather. One of the best examples of how you can learn about the science of weather that is especially applicable to this part of the year is NOAA’s article, “The Science Behind the Polar Vortex.”


Woman Reading Tablet on Windowsill - Stay Ahead of Changing Weather

As the old saying goes, “The best defense is a good offense.” This applies to staying safe and comfortable during winter as much as it applies to sports or any other aspect of life. Many of the best tools for this are from the National Weather Channel ad the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Recently, these groups put together their own list of “8 Tools to Use This Winter”, that we love!


Fireplace in winter - control indoor pollution

There are many sources of indoor air pollution. These range from toxic cleaning solutions like bleach to our pets, cooking appliances, fireplaces, and more.  Removing other sources of indoor air pollution can greatly improve indoor air quality. Gas emissions from aging equipment, for example, can be reduced with proper maintenance. Sealing or enclosing asbestos is critical. Reducing or eliminating the source of indoor air pollution is more cost effective than increasing ventilation, which can increase energy costs.


Various candles - skip the air fresheners

Though we may enjoy the scents that candles and other types of air fresheners provide, many aren’t aware that these types of fresheners can decrease the quality of your air. Many of these store-bought products, even those labeled “green” or “naturally scented”, may still contain a wide array of chemicals, some of which in the right concentrations can have negative impacts on your health.


Window opening in winter - open a window

While this tip may seem obvious, during this time of year it’s often the last thing we want to do. On those rare, unseasonably warm days, however, try cracking open a window or two. Indoor air, especially during the winter months, can be up to five times more polluted than that found outdoors, according to a study done by the EPA. Letting the air in your home circulate and refresh with cleaner, outdoor air, can provide a boost to your air quality when it needs it most.


Alen 75i BreatheSmart Air purifier - use a powerful air purifier

An air purifier is a wise addition to every room throughout the home regardless of the season. However, pairing the right purifier and filter to your specific concerns, especially during times of the year in which indoor air pollution can be especially hazardous, is critical in ensuring you get the best possible result.

We live in more than one room, so having a whole home solution is key to ensuring that wherever you go, the clean air will follow. We spend most of our time in our bedrooms, so a good starting point to make sure you’re breathing clean, fresh air in those rooms is to choose a smaller model such as the powerful and intuitive BreatheSmart 45i or the sleek and popular BreatheSmart FLEX, both capable of quietly and powerfully purifying your air, every 30 minutes. Tuned to a pink noise frequency, they’ll also enhance your night's sleep. 

With the power to clean up to 1300 SqFt every 30 minutes — in addition to True-HEPA filters that can last all year long — the Alen BreatheSmart 75i  ideal for large rooms or open floor plans.

All of our BreatheSmart models offer four filter options, each one capable of inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi, providing the perfect solution not just during winter months, but as the thaw sets in to inhibit mold. And they can be bundled, saving you up to 5%.

Clean Air is Priceless. Our Customized Consultation is Free.

 Nobody knows more about clean, pure air than Alen. With one phone call and less than 20 minutes, you can have a comprehensive and fully customized clean air plan for your whole home, for free. Clean air is all we do — let us do it for you! Once your purifiers arrive, our Forever Guarantee lets you rest assured knowing that you never have to worry about whether or not you'll have clean air.  And our 60-day love it or return it policy means you can return it, no questions asked within 60 days.

Nicholas Dunlap
Nicholas Dunlap

1 Response

Robert Farina
Robert Farina

February 13, 2019

What about humidity? Will air cleaners take moisture making the air too dry? Recommendations for humidifier placement with air cleaners?

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