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6 Ways to Care For Your Elders on National Senior Citizen’s Day

by Fatima Puri August 15, 2017

Celebrating The Special People in Our Lives.

National Senior Citizens Day is on August 21st. Although seniors day has been around since the 1930s, Ronald Reagan established the 21st as the official date to come together to honor the seniors who have made positive contributions to our society and their local communities.

We have no doubt that you have parents, grandparents, or other beloved seniors in your life. Even if you are a senior, you have elders of your own that need your love and support as much as you desire it from those around you. No matter where you, here are six special ways you can celebrate and care for the seniors in your life:

1. Get Nostalgic

Taking a trip down memory lane is a wonderful way to show you care about someone—and it’s sure to make them smile.

Find out what they loved doing in their youth. You could even throw a party for them with this theme. For instance, if someone you know is a military veteran, a party with a patriotic spin featuring regalia from the time they served can show how much you acknowledge and value the contribution they have made. Or, you can focus on their hobbies: carpentry, gardening, reading, swimming, or fitness. Even hobbies they used to adore but can no longer pursue like horseback riding, skiing, or sports.

What if a party isn’t in the cards? While a party may be hard to pull off, especially if your loved one lives far away, a simple card and a care package of some old fashioned candy that they loved as a child can show how much you care.

2. Spend Time Together

If you’re close enough to spend an afternoon together, do it! If not, carve out a chunk of time to video chat or talk on the phone. Even consider bringing back the art of writing letters and send your favorite senior a handwritten note once per week. Almost 20 percent of seniors live alone and nearly fifty percent of that population say they often feel lonely, so letting someone know you're there for them can bring a cheerful highlight to their day.

3. Get Them a Buddy

Pets are a wonderful gift for animal-lovers! Did you realize that just like us, our pets grow older and become seniors as well? Our senior furry friends also need love and attention.

Pets are proven to brighten spirits, lower blood pressure, and provide a companion that loves unconditionally (Just what we all need!). Many animal shelters have programs that help match senior citizens with older animals that may not be well suited for kids or highly active individuals. Just help ensure that the pet can be well cared for before you adopt as changing litter boxes and walking dogs can create new challenges.

4. Volunteer

What if you don’t have a senior in your life? Well, it’s not hard to find one! You can volunteer for a nonprofit group like Love for the Elderly that does wonderful things for senior citizens. Through this organization, you can become a pen pal, buddy, and anonymous giver of care packages. National Senior Citizen’s Day is all about celebrating every wise elder around the world. By supporting a non-profit group that works directly with seniors, you’ll help show each and every older adult how special they are.

5. Help Them Stay Safe

With over 46 million seniors in the US with their strength and fitness on a slow decline, injuries are a major health risk. While it’s sad to think about, a senior (65 and older) falls every 11 seconds in America—many resulting in emergency room visits and elongated hospital stays. Purchasing a medical alert bracelet can help your beloved senior friends and family members stay safer and maintain independence in their home.

6. Inspire Better Health

Staying active, eating cleanly, and breathing pure air can help people lead longer healthier lives. Inspire a someone in your life to get moving, eat better, and improve their health this National Senior Citizen’s Day. Simple, but fulfilling activities include walking around the park or having a picnic. Spend time together and get in some good exercise.

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Everyone has allergies, asthma, or even breathing difficulties. Millions of seniors suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) which makes breathing excruciatingly difficult. Removing allergens from the air can help alleviate some of these breathing challenges. You could surprise a parent, grandparent, or neighbor with an air purifier, so they can breathe better each day.

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While you should care for the seniors in your life every day, National Seniors Citizen’s Day is a great reminder to do something special for older folk you know. One day when you’re in their shoes, you’ll want someone to do the same for you!

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