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6 Design and Technology Trends for Luxury Homes in 2018

by Alen Editor April 03, 2018

If your home is your castle...literally… you might be in the market for some high-end home automation, design, and comforts. If you like to keep up with the Joneses, here are the top six design trends of 2018. Get ready for a fun shopping spree!

1. Smart Security

If you have a luxury dog that fits in your pocketbook, Fluffy probably doesn’t make for the best bouncer. That’s one of the reasons why luxury homeowners are adopting smart security products to keep intruders out, prevent damage, and alleviate stress in their lives.

If you’re shopping for smart home security products, try Nest’s smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These gadgets use your home’s WiFi to speak to each other—even shutting off the furnace if smoke or fire is detected. Other homes are installing Ring video doorbells, so you can see if your food delivery has arrived, speak to visitors without opening the door, and even ensure your kids get home from school safe. If you have an extravagant home, it’s becoming trendy to protect it with the best technology money can buy!

2. Eco-Friendly Gadgets

Being eco-friendly may be responsible, but it also comes with bragging rights. Perhaps that’s why luxury homes are adopting more eco-friendly designs and gadgets in their homes. While solar panels are big, bulky, and somewhat unsightly, Tesla Powerwall home batteries are not. These solar powered batteries are sleek, functional, green, and the ultimate symbol of luxuriously reduced carbon footprints.

3. Voice Commanded Service

You may be used to seeing surround sound systems in luxury homes that rival a commercial movie theater. However, they’re being swapped out and augmented by Amazon Alexa, Homepod, and other voice operated consoles. These butlers of the future are being used to play music, dim the lights, start your coffee pot, and lock the door all by voice command. On-demand, obedient service and luxury go hand-in-hand, and so do these modern consoles.

4. Ultra Clean Environments

Between Roomba robots that clean up for you while you’re sleeping, at work, and lounging on the couch and automatic shower cleaners that leave everything spic and span, people are getting used to living in sleek and clean homes without lifting a finger. But the ultimate trend with luxury homes seems to be with the air quality.

Alen air purifiers have become a popular appliance for odor, germ, smoke, contaminant, and overall air quality control. Plus, their smart self-adjusting sensors, Energy Star-Certified status, and custom panels that allow you to match your decor, make them even more enticing for luxury properties. Ever wonder why fancy homes smell and feel wonderful when you’re inside? They probably have some of these air purifiers around.

5. Spa-Worthy Retreats

Infinity pools, natural-scape ponds, and salt water pools are popping up all over the luxury market. If you’re thinking of building a spa at home, draw inspiration from those you visit at resorts, exotic Airbnb’s, and your neighbor’s homes. RIP bright blue linoleum pool lining.

6. Xeriscaping

Enviable landscaping and curb appeal are always a part of million dollar homes. However, xeriscaping is picking up steam in the luxury market. Not only is this practice eco-friendly, but modern too. Prepare to see less perfectly manicured lawns of green grass and more natural landscapes of stone, native plantings, and the like.

Whether you have a luxury home, you’re shopping for one, or you want to make your home seem glitzy and glamorous, follow these top six trends of 2018!

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