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5 Spring and Summer Color Palettes to Brighten Up Your Home

by Alen Editor August 08, 2017

The colors of the season are a powerful thing, and lucky for us, it’s time to finish up the spring cleaning and get ready for fun in the sun! We've put together a few color palettes to showcase the kind of fun you can have when you're giving your home that spring and summer refresh it’s been waiting for.

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Serene Summer

When we think of Spring and Summer, we usually think color combinations from all spectrums of the rainbow. With this palette, you can still have that broad range, but with soft greens and blues dominating and small touches of faded orange and red you can give your space just the pop you need.  Reclaim a bit of warmth and make your home feel like a Hawaiian luxury spa.

Coastal Resort

With this color palette, you can envision walking down the beach in khaki shorts, looking towards the horizon where the clear blue sky meets the Corfu coastline. Transform your home with the feel of a Greek villa brightened by blossoming vines with a breathtaking view of the cliffs. Bring your BreatheSmart along in a cool, weathered gray for a pure air complement.  

Amazing Grace

O'er amber waves of grain. This western wheat field-inspired color combo, while sunny, is more of a harmonious whisper than a shout. The muted gold and amber tones work gracefully with wood textures.

Sweet Sorbet

One of the best things about the warm-weather seasons is the pure bliss of creamy sorbet on a blistering day. With this palette, watch your living room transform into an assortment of fruity flavors, from tart raspberries to juicy Georgia peaches.

Bold is Beautiful

This palette doesn’t make apologies for being bright, bold, and high energy. The three brights stand together with confidence, balanced by cool gray tones, making this the perfect color ensemble for a home that already showcases pure blacks and whites.

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