Season of Giving
Lara Talley photo

Lara Talley's Full Story

Nominated by Galen Lerbs

"Lara has a 5 year old son. He is 40" tall and weighs 33 pounds. He was born 6 weeks premature, spent his first week in the NICU. Has been to numerous doctors over his life time, has told his mother "I'm a good bleeder" because of all the blood work he has had to find the cause of his recurring breathing problems. Normal children get a cold and that's it. Grant, her son, gets a cold and it turns to pneumonia, fever of 104 for days on end, rotation of Tylenol and Motrin to keep his fever under control, many times ending in the hospital. He is unable to fight any germs.The medical bills for a single mother have already placed her in a no win situation, hopefully Alen can give this beautiful boy a defense he wasn't born with."

Emilia Clark photo

Genevieve Goff's Full Story

Nominated by Vicki Baldwin

"My mother is 86 years young. She has worked hard all her life to provide for her family. She lost 2 husbands and she raised 3 small children ages 6 months, 2, and 4 years. I am the youngest of this first family. Now, in the last years of her life she is suffering from allergies as well as arthritis and high blood pressure. She has a sweet little dog and loving cat that make her life happy. I don't know if the pets are the main source of her itchy eyes and drippy nose, but she would never give them up. The testimonials on your web site make me wonder if one of your units would help her breath better and enjoy her life more without giving up her companions. I want her senior years to be comfortable and enjoyable, that is why I am nominating her to win an Alen air purifier."

Emilia Clark photo

Troy Norris' Full Story

Nominated by Margaret Kurtz

"It breaks a grandma's heart to watch her 2 year old toddler hold a nebulizer for breathing treatments 3 times a day. Troy has had a rough start. As a newborn, he was hospitalized 15 days from surgery for a perforated bowel. Followed was two years of never being well for more than 10 days at a time. He was given countless antibiotics for respiratory infections, pneumonia and bronchitis. It was then we could see he was named true. Troy means soldier and he was proving a brave one. Our little guy is now 3 years old and his overall health has improved. However, he still struggles with breathing sensitivities. We live in a polluted place, southern California. There are many days when the air is unhealthy. An Alen Air Purifier would surely help him breathe easier, then his parents and grandparents would too."

Gail Knight photo

Gail Knight's Full Story

Nominated by Rick Knight

"My mother received a double lung transplant, we are so blessed that she has done so well. Obviously clean air is very important to a lung transplant patient! I just purchased the top end Alen unit. She is using a lower end other company's air filter and doesn't believe in the difference. I would like to prove her wrong."

Manuel López photo

Manuel Lopez' Full Story

Nominated by Enid Tanon

"I truly believe that my father's quality of life, health, and well-being would greatly benefit from the use of an Alen Air Purifier. Due to many health issues, including that of suffering from severe Sleep Apnea, he finds himself with constant chronic upper respiratory problems, and is extremely deprived of proper rest due to suffering long sleepless nights that are critical for a healthy life. His health continues to deteriorate as time goes on, and I truly believe that pure, clean air would be the key to a huge improvement in his overall health. I myself have purchased an Alen Air Purifier, and I cannot emphasize how much it has helped me in dealing with all my respiratory problems, and playing such a key role in the betterment of my health, and that of my family. Please give him your most heartfelt consideration as the recipient of the Alen Air Purifier you will be giving away this holiday season. Thank you!"