Season of Giving
Alen's mission is to help people Live Better. As part of this mission, we are giving back this holiday season and asking you to tell us who needs an Alen Air Purifier most! To enter, complete the form below to tell us who you would like to nominate and why! Each person nominated will get a chance to receive a FREE Alen air purifier this holiday season.
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Rules: Only one nominee per submission and per person. Nominee must not have previously purchased from Alen.
See Authorized Rules and Regulations.

How to participate in Alen's Season
of Giving in 2013

Step 1
To submit a nomination, complete the form and briefly explain (5000 characters or less) why this person needs an Alen Air Purifier. Enter Soon! Submission period ends Thursday November 14, 2013 at midnight CST.

Step 2
If your nomination is selected, Alen will contact you to provide a picture and more information. Selected nominations will be featured on

Step 3
Based on nominee's needs, Alen will recommend the best Air Purifier + Filter combination. An Alen Air Purifier Fund will then be established on their behalf. Donations will be collected throughout the holiday season and will go towards a new Alen Air Purifier + An Alen Air Purifier Filter, giving them a year's worth of pure air!

Step 4
Share your nomination with your friends and family! Encourage them to shop and let them know $5 of any Alen Air Purifier purchase can go toward his or her Alen Air Purifier Fund.

Step 5
Visit regularly to see the status of your loved one's Alen Air Purifier Fund where we'll be updating our nominee's progress daily! Visit regularly so you can see where your nominee ranks!

Step 6
We will contact each nominee once his or her Alen Air Purifier Fund totals have been reached. New Alen Air Purifiers will be shipped to each nominee the first week of January 2014.